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if it were'nt for hand me downs, i would have been naked from the time i was born to ..... um.... now. i had an older sister, and until we hit our teens and became VERY different sizes, i got all her old clothes. in my teens we would shop re-sale stores, and accept garbage bags full of clothes from my moms friends at work, the neighbors or our friends. my favorite thing to do (because peopel were always donating clothes to a particularly improvershed friend of mine, was to go to her house and help clean out all the clothes that didnt fit her, and i got to go through the bag when she was done.

i seriously get a sick feeling in my stomach when i can look at my closet full of clothes and think "i have nothing to wear" several friends always want to take me shopping because i keep my wardrobe down to a minimum, but i dont have a use for "clubbing" clothes because i just dont go out like that, and i am happiest when i have 2 pairs of jeans that fit just right that i can alternate between for a week before washing them. my job lets me wear jeans so that is all i really need for any day of the week, and in the summer its a pair of shorts and a pair of capris.
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I love hand me downs! My cousins and I use to trade clothes we didnt wear anymore since were the same age and same size. My other cousin gave me all her old baby clothes. She had 2 boys and shes done so I got BAGS and BAGS of clothes. I just gave half of them to my friend today!
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I love to get and give hand-me-downs. I am the oldest of five kids and there was never a lot of money to go around. my cousins always gave us clothes and I loved it! the only problem I had with it was that my cousins were kinda snotty about it, they could afford new and we couldn't. but I got stuff new to me that I probably wouldn't have otherwise.

Now I am the first to have had kids and have recieved and passed along h-m-d's. some from friends. when I was pregnant, my family got together for my baby shower and bought big things like a new crib, stroller, high chair, etc. the plan was that we pass them down as needed and we have. saves everyone a lot of money! my sister now has two kids and the big ticket items are taken care of so she can buy the more important stuff like formula and diapers
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I love hand-me-downs! I am the mother of 3 year old twin girls, and have found someone with 4 year old twin girls to pass the stuff on. I have absolutely no problem living within my budget. However, the people that give them to me think it's a sign of being "poor" and would never let their kids wear hand me downs. I haven't ever had to buy my kids clothing, except the occasional "special" item. They only wear it for a few months, and frankly I think it's wasteful and irresponsible (monetarily and ecologically) not to accept hand me downs when the opportunity presents itself.
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I am proud Grandma to 19 grandchildren and they are spilt 10 boys and 9 girls number 10 due on Christmas day . they rang from 7 to 6 months hand me down live here .. my 7 year old grand daughter got hand me downs from my dd who 13 ...
my DIL have clothes swaps they swap clothes with friends they swap kids clothes and clothes for my nieces are the same age as my Dil and they have children the age of my Grands and our nephew daughters are the age of my 13 year old they all exchange clothes here ..
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