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scalp burn from perm - help!

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I got a perm at Holiday Hair 3 weeks ago and I think it (chemically) burned my scalp. It hurts to touch, burning feeling constantly, and a few times I've given in and scratched, I found dried blood under my finger nails (gross TMI I know, but it's how it is..) probably from scabs. Is there anything I can do to heal my scalp/make it stop hurting or is it just having to wait it out? I haven't been putting any hair products in my hair lately in case they would aggravate it. Help!
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Oh Hun, I have no advice other than call the place and ask what perm mixture they used so that next time you get a perm you know which you SHOULD NOT use... Also, they may be willing to help you and/or give you your money back...
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Last time I got a perm, and we're talking 1989 (funny to think), she burned the top of my head. Probably about an square inch. I lost all of the hair in that spot -- thank goodness it was the 80's and I had enough hair to cover up the spot until it grew back. On the bright side, it grew back without any problem.

This probably doesn't help you at all but perms have probably changed a bit since then as well.
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It sounds like she didn't netrulize your head enough.. Call and ask, but you could just go buy a perm and use the netrulizer and wet your head then put mixture over it..
But if it has been a while, it may not work. Just time..

Also, Sometimes it doesn't matter if you have used that perm before or not. Your bodys change, so you can use the same one all the time, but for some odd reason this time you had a rection. I would call and let them know. They will probally want to see it, ask for a refund or credit towards haircuts..
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I'd go back or call the place. Also, have you tried calling your local clinic/hospital's nurseline? I did a check online and could hardly find any info at all. You MAY be able to use hydrocortisone but again, I would ask first- consider this a guess, not advice.
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Sounds like that is what happened.... I would go back to that place and get my money back/make them fix me!! Good luck
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as a former hairdresser call them and go in and show them your scalp they need to know so they can document it on your file.. also they should give you a refund or credit in their salon.. as far as the burning try some regular vasaline or patroleum jelly if your scalp was getting red during the perm they should have applied some then.
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