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Poll Results: wich do you prefer

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Hardwood floors. Our house has hardwood floors the entire first floor including the Master Bedroom. I like them for I know that when I clean there is nothing hiding underneath.
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That is a hard one. I probably hate mopping more than vaccuming. But hard wood floors are different to mop than linoleum. I dont know.
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We just replaced all of the carpet in our home with laminate. No more carpet!!

The laminate is much easier to clean and, since our family is laden with allergies, it's much healthier for us.
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We have carpet, but are not changing it for the time being because we are selling out house..Hoever,
I prefer hardwood or laminate!
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I want hardwood flooring, but only in our high traffic areas. I want carpet in the bedrooms. But I do want the hardwood first because the high traffic areas are looking bad!
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I guess I'm in the minority here - there are some spots that I prefer carpet!

In our last house we had laminate almost everywhere - entire main floor, stairs, and upstairs hallway, bonus room, and master bedroom. We only had carpet in the three other bedrooms.

We just built a new house and I have done the main floor almost entirely in tile (the den is carpeted) and gone back to carpet on the stairs and in the entire upstairs.

I'm so glad to have carpeting back! I found the wood cold and loud upstairs. The carpet is much cozier. I went with a darker colour so it will look good for ages - even in high traffic areas.

I'm also glad to have tile on the main floor, much more resistant to water and that darn laminate showed every little water spot and footprint.
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hardwood definitely... Carpet is alot harder to clean and keep clean.
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I love the look of hardwood and laminate but it tends to make the house colder in the winter than carpet.
If I got my way I'd have hardwood or laminate in every room except the bathrooms. I love the look of area rugs though, so that would help with keeping the rooms warmer.
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Ok, here's my fantasy: hardwood floors with radiant heat! It sound luxurious and extravagant, but supposedly the amount you'd spend heating the floors will directly reduce the amount your heater needs to heat the air.

And, here's a question for all of you who find hardwood/laminate easier to clean: How on earth DO you clean it?

I've got laminate in the kitchen/dining room and we recently got a dog. Before that I was sweeping every 2-3 days and Swiffer mopping every 1-2 weeks. But, now with the dog, the broom just sends the hair flying. I have a lousy (but $300 top-rated Kenmore upright) vacuum that works on dog hair, but doesn't pick up sand or food crumbs. I'm very frustrated and the floor is a complete mess!

So, what do you use? Swiffer? A small stick vac? A Dyson? And, what about those steam floor cleaners; are they worth it?
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Hardwood - the amount of yuck in carpets that I've ripped out before just makes me gag. Even the carpet "rug" thing in here bothers me, but I borrow a steam cleaner regularly.

To clean the hardwoods, well, we just use a shopvac LOL. I use the floor attachment to get most of the stuff, then take it off and use the extension thingy and suck up the dirt and stuff in the corners and seams of things. After the big stuff is up, I go over it with a mop. Every few months, I get down and scrub the heck out of it and clean it really good. Probably next summer I'll sand and poly it again.
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