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Inexpensive and Easy Hotel Meal Ideas Please

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We are taking the kids tomorrow to Ocean City for a fun mini-week vacation at the Beach. We are staying in a hotel right on the boardwalk. Room does have a refrigerator (small one), microwave in lobby area available to use. What meal and snack ideas do you have for 4 kids (ages 7,8, 10 and 11) and 2 adults that we can do at the hotel?

Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are a given,
Donuts and Pop-tarts for some breakfasts,
Fresh fruit,
Plenty of drinks and juices,
microwave popcorn for snack,
applesauce cups for snacks and breakfast times,
more ideas???

we thought about maybe one day hot pockets to cook in the microwave.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions! The more we save on not eating out the more activities we can do together so we are all about saving.
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You can grab a pack of bagels, some cream cheese and turkey or ham lunch meat and have bagel sandwiches for lunch. You don't have to toast the bagels and don't need all the sandwich condiments because it's a bagel. Kids can just eat half and add what they like, adding sliced tomato and cucumber is yummy too.
Also, buy a bag of baby carrots and a container of ranch dip for a healthy snack. Tortilla chips and salsa or ranch dip are a good snack too. Buy the mini boxes of cereal and quart of milk for breakfast, the mini boxes make a bowl (I just bought these today for surf camp this week and it was $5 for 10 mini assorted boxes) and you can grab a pack of spoons from the store, then you can get a couple of yogurts too since you have a mini fridge.
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Thanks liamsmom! Great ideas! I love bagels anytime and didn't even think about them for this trip. I'll check out all the other ideas too.
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I always bring my large crock pot and cook a roast for roast beef sandwiches, or to cook a turkey breast for sandwiches...It is quick and easy and makes enough for my family of 6! Have a fun trip!
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For a real treat, you can often order in pizza to your room.

And remember, you don't always have to eat IN your room. Having a picnic on the beach is one of the treats of being there. So, if you can dig a firepit you can do all the usual BBQ stuff - hot dogs, foil wrapped chicken, corn or potatoes, etc.

And lastly, think about having a cold salad (like a chef's salad) one evening.
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Great ideas guys! I never thought of the crock pot too.I was debating on brinign my toaster oven but wasn't sure what I would do with it. We are hitting the grocery store just outside of the beach area so we won't have to keep it cool too long.

I like the cold salad idea too. Picnic on the beach sounds like a wonderful idea! I will definitely do that too!
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You already have some great ideas going here. I like to do the same as far as taking some food, even if it is just for snacks, it saves a lot of money.

Cheese sticks
crackers-goldfish, chex mix, cheese nips, etc.
granola bars
cereal bars-like nutrigrain bars
candy bars
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Thanks araefinn. Great snack ideas. I'm going to pick up plenty of healty snack items like that to help out with how hungry everyone will get while we are out on the beach boogie boarding all day. You can really work up an apetite.
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Which State are you going to ocean city in ??

Ocean City , NJ is Our stomping grounds

My parents have a place there.

I Have been to OC Maryland many times as well.

Have fun!

One note on the crockpot or toaster Oven in the room. Check the hotels policy on this.
We recently went to a hotel , and The rules were No cooking appliances were allowed to be used in rooms ( Fire safety reasons ) And Guests could be Kicked out , if they didn't Follow this Rule.
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Do a sliced summer sausage, cheese and crackers tray. Throw in some grapes and some cookies for dessert. Sparkling juice for the kids and wine for the grownups and you have a nice indoor or outdoor picnic. This is our standard picnic fare that we have taken to the zoo and other outdoor venues that always gets envious stares from the families eating $5 hotdogs with $5 sodas. I can pack the whole thing for the price of one over-priced meal at whatever venue you go to.
Also: think dorm room food. Cup o' noodles, easy mac, there are even some shelf stable microwave meals that don't require refridgeration.
Have fun!
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