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Age for Girls First Perm?

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I know of a little girl that would like to get a perm. She's 7. But, when her mom inquired at the salon, they said she must be 9. Has anyone had any experience with this themselves? Any age recommendations for a girl's first perm?
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I think that I was like 8
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A dear friend of mine *that IS a hairdresser, yes lol* told me that I should wait until they hit puberty.
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Not sure about a perm, but I got dd hair highlighted a day before she turned
6. They didn't seem concerned with her age for that at all.
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Is getting a perm back in style?

I haven't heard about an age requirement.
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*decides to google and see what info is out there*
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My mom wouldn't let me get one until I was 13. So as soon as I turned 13 I went and had a perm. It was a disaster! The solution burned my scalp and I looked like a poodle. I think 9 is to young.
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when i worked in the salon we would not guarentee a perm until they were 13(a major national chain salon) if they were younger than 13 and you wanted them to get a perm you had to sign your life away in waivers.

the problem is kids hormones can be all over the place thus when chemically altering the hair it can be crazy a couple examples would be not curly enough very week looking, over processed and dry, very curly at the scalp but have straight ends. so there are some risks alot of times they turn out fine but you never can tell until its over and it can look horrible if one of these things happens..

also another thing is the perm solution can burn the skin and scalp so that can be an issue as well.
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Thank you all for your responses. I'll pass this info along. I think the little girl wants a perm because her friends have curly hair and hers is straight. I've never had any experience with perms for little girls, but I knew someone here could offer some advice! Thanks again!
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My mother gave me my first home perm at age 7.  My first salon perm was at 13.

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