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Do you organize your stockpile/pantry

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I do!!!

I stockpile...and I find the best way to keep track of things and to rotate it is to keep everything really organzied...

plus it helps to keep from buying things I already have when I can find it easily
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I don't really have a pantry, but my foods cupboards are organized. I keep all my meal pantry items (pasta, pasta sauce, soups, macaroni and cheese, rice a roni) on the one shelf, above that is snackey stuff, like crackers, along with pie mixes and canned pie filling on the right, and my breakfast foods are on the left, like pancakes mix. In the cupboard beside is all my baking supplies, like a small bag of flour (big one is in a different cupboard), sugar, and my coffee and tea stuff is in there too, because it's right above where our coffee pot sits. In another cupboard are our bread, honey, butter and peanut butter. They're only together because my bf makes ALOT of honey peanut butter sandwiches. If he was a bachelor it's probably all he would eat. If he didn't eat so much of it out peanut butter and honey would be with the snackey foods.
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Trudy I would love to see your pantry..

But Mine is the pantry that originally was built into the townhouse, and then an extra closet....

So cereal on one shelf, pasta/tomatos/noodles on one shelf, canned fruit on one shelf by the tuna (the only can things besides tomatoes I buy), side dishes on one shelf, there is a snacky shelf, and then extra's are on the TOP TOP shelf of the built in pantry

My baking stuff is also on one shelf...
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My pantry (like my general use cabinet shelves) are organized by theme - all pasta together, all soup, all cereal, etc.

My stockpiled hba is the same, but I keep those in bins in the linen closet - one for shampoo, one for toothpaste, etc.
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I do. About once a month, I go through all of my cabinets and write everything down and take it from there. Sometimes, well all the time, my kids would mess up the cabinets and I would not be able to find anything.
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I have a large bookshelf in my kitchen. Counting the top of it I have 6 shelves of items stockpiled. It's organized with pudding cups, apple juice and sugar on top, canned soups, tomato paste and sauce and canned pastas on the next shelf. The next shelf is canned green beans. Then I have a shelf of canned corn and peas and some jars of salsa. The next shelf is Manwich, spaghetti sauce, hot dog chili and pork and beans. The bottom shelf is peanut butter, canned meats(Treet, tuna, salmon), canned fruit.

I also have a large kitchen cabinet that has all my boxed items in it. I have pasta, hamburger helper meals, rice mixes, hot cocoa, pudding and jello mixes, etc. in there.

I have a small cabinet over the fridge that holds boxes of Capri Suns.

I try to keep it all organzied so that it's easier to get to and so that I know what I have at a glance!
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I keep mine organized, too. I agree it is much, much easier to know what you have. Our friends think it's hilarious, but it makes my life much more simple. But they think my Type A personality and all of my little quirks are funny anyway. I keep mine organized according to type of food (or whether I use it for baking, etc), and then all of the vegetables are separated, as well as all of the fruits, the beans, the soups, etc. The dried beans and the pastas are all in see through containers that are the same size, as well as the rices. Everything is organized from left to right, alphabetically. I keep all of my spices organized left to right, alphabetically and they are also all in the same sized containers.

I know I have a problem.
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I do. I have a closet pantry that I try to keep really organized. I recycle all of my boxes when they get really low and I throw the last brownie, etc in a tupperware container for quick grab snacks for the boys.

I have a problem with my spice cabinet. It is really hard to keep that one organized. I tend to buy another spice without realizing I already had one. UGH!
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My pantry (stockpile) is on shelves in our basement. Cereals and snacks go on top, canned goods on the next shelf by category (soups, veggies, fruits, etc.) and then on the bottom shelf are toiletries and cleaning products. Boxed dinners, mixes, and other baking items go on the first shelf up from the bottom.

For the boxes, I like the spines facing outward so I can read them. I put the new stuff in the back so the older things with closer expiration dates get eaten first.

Here's an older picture of mine. I noticed that I've moved some things around since this photo was taken:

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