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Goody bags for an 8 year olds party

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My son is turning 8 and is having a party for about 15 of his friends. The party is at a sports/fun center facility. Any ideas for what to put in their goody bags? Any help is appreciated. TIA.
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I am not sure an 8 year old really needs goodie bags...I have an 8 yr old DD and I didn't give goodie bags last year. But if you do for a sports theme, what about giving everyone an inexpensive water bottle (they have some at walmart) if you want to add something else to it fill it with candy. Or how about a bottle of gatorade and a pack of sun flower seeds...kind of sporty. Have a fun party!
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we stopped giving gift bags at 6, when the parties started moving from mcdonalds to the swim club or local sports entertainment center....aka big bucks. none of the kids seemed to notice.
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I love goodie bags! I love making them etc I still do them for my kids for their parties and they're 10 and 13. No complaints yet! LOL!

You could do all kinds of baseballs, individual packs of cookies or chips (some sort of snack item), decks of playing cards, sm flashlights, gag items like whoopie cushions, hand buzzers etc (those are always a hit in my goodie bags LOL), coupons for an ice cream at some place (I do a local place in our town)...

I can't think of anything else right's past my bedtime. LOL I do buy stuff for goodie bags, all year round, so when I see something on sale - I just pick up a bunch of them with the goodie bags in mind, so it works out well for me. Is it really costly for me? Not really...I don't buy 'junk' (at least what I consider junk, it's not stuff from the dollar store or anything like that) and I've been complimented on my goodie bags by many parents over the years - someone always calls wanting to know where I found one thing or another. Last time it was the sticky eyeballs...big hit. LOL
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Maybe a "Hackie sack"- those bag balls.
I like the sunflower seeds and water bottle idea
The paddle with a ball attached to it
Party supply stores have ideas- maybe a pencil/pen with sport balls on it
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Doesn't really fit with sports, but my 8 yr old and his friend love that Noise Putty that makes farty noises. You can pick them up at Dollar General.
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Whoopie cushions are usually a hit with boys this age.
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Thanks - I love the ideas.
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