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Mommysaver Spotlight: *~AyeOhKay*~

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What is your first name? Angela (Angie)

What are your kids’ names and ages? Daniel is 12, Andrew is almost 9, Stephen is almost 7, and our little surprise Emily is 3

How did you find Mommysavers? Have you referred anyone here? Were you referred here? I found Mommysavers while looking for online coupon codes and bargains while Christmas shopping. I have told many about the site, but I was not referred here.

What does your user name mean? AyeOhKay is just a fancy way of saying AOK (the initials of my first name, maiden name and last name). My friends called me AyeOh in high school. And, I think it's very fitting since I usually consider myself to be a-okay!

Out of all the things the members here have offered in terms of advice, support, counsel and criticism, what have you personally benefited from? And do you remember specifically who the member was that offered that advice? I have benefitted from SO much, but, most recently, the support and encouragement offered from SO many during my recent and continuing struggles with a malignant brain tumor. Christy is an awesome cheerleader, and many others have joined right in! Thank you all! You don't know how much it has meant!

How many coupons do you use on a regular basis? I used to use a ton! Usually 20 or so a trip. I loved the coupon trains and can't wait until things settle down and I can ride again. Now, I use 5 to 10 each trip.

What was your most recent "bargain"? I haven't had the chance to do a lot of shopping lately, but I did get a FREE photobook for DS#1 birthday online! I found the code plus a free shipping code here on I made it a photo scrapbook of his recent Black Belt test & gave it to him for part of his birthday. He loved it!

What have you done to save money this week? My mom and I have been putting away corn in the freezer. A neighboring farmer offered us all we could use if we picked it. Dad, DH and DS#1 picked. We've put away around 90 pints.

What do you consider a way of life that others think is a crazy way to save? I make my own detergent. But, what else would you expect from a former chemist?

What is your favorite store in which to find bargains? Pamida. It's a small discount store found in rural areas. Ours has fabulous clearance sales.

What is the best deal you ever found (even if it wasn’t at your favorite store)?A few years ago I got Liz Claiborne purses at ElderBeerman, beautiful leather ones, for about $2 each! I stocked up for myself and birthday gifts for all the young ladies at church.

What is your best money saving tip? Be creative and resourceful with what you already have!

What is your favorite frugal meal? I use leftover spaghetti noodles, meatballs and sauce to make a spaghetti casserole. Just mix the leftovers and place in a casserole dish. Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese and bake. You can freeze this for a quick meal later, too! My family loves it with homemade sweet bread.

Do you enter contests? If so, what is the best prize you’ve ever won? I enter contests occasionally. I won a $20 Simon Gift Card in a poetry contest. I won some Sesame Street DVDs on Mommysavers for a frugal tip once, too.

If money were no object, what 3 things would you buy yourself or your family? If money were no object, I would buy myself and DH new wedding bands. After 16 years of marriage, mine doesn't fit and his is wore thin. I would also take our family on a historical vacation to Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas. And, finally, I'd buy a new Triton bass boat!

If you had $10 to spend on yourself (you and you alone) what would you buy? I love lotions. So, I'd buy myself some lovely jasmine scented lotion.

Are there words you live by? What are they? I've never really had words that I live by, unless you count the Holy Bible! But, lately, I find myself repeating it over and over that, "Our God is an Awesome God." in ALL circumstances.

Sum yourself up in 1 word: This is SO hard! I'll say: Level-Headed.
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Angie, you are such an inspiration! It was an HONOR to feature you this week. And uh, wow, that's alot of corn
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Thanks for sharing with us. Congrats on being in the spotlight.
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Originally Posted by 2bearsmom View Post

Sum yourself up in 1 word: This is SO hard! I'll say: Level-Headed.

Ain't that the truth!!!

Congrats on being MOTW! You are an inspiration to us all girly. I admire your strength and faith when facing adversity. We all could learn something valuable about that. ((HUGS))
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Thanks for sharing! You are a truly awesome woman .
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Thanks for sharing Angie!! You truely are a Super-Mom!!!
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This is fun to read, Angie. I totally agree that you're level-headed, but I also admire your strength, faith, and devotion to your family. And, I was wondering if you'd share your detergent recipe. Do you use Fels-Naptha soap? That's the one I'm familiar with.
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I think you are so cool! I love that you have such a positive attitude with everything you have been through. I have no doubt that your faith along with all the happiness you exude have immense healing powers. Your family is very blessed to have you in their lives.
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Thanks for sharing, you really are awesome and I can't wait till you can join a train with me again
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Congratulations, thanks for sharing and you're such an INSPIRATION!!
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