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Lakeside Collection?

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I don't know if this question is in the right place, but has anyone ordered from Lakeside Collection? They seem reasonably priced and look to have some things that are unique. I am wondering about their quality. TIA for any input!
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I have purchased their gift wrap and gift bags and I loved them. I have also purchased candles and some ceramic items all of which were good quality. However a friend of mine purchased an end table from them and it fell apart within a couple of weeks. HTH
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I order just about all of my garden figures from there!

I order a xmas sweater last year, that was ok. I order 7 of the quilted purses for xmas, and everyone loved them.

The only thing I don't like about them, that if you order a large quanity of stuff, they don't ship them all together. And they charge your credit card for each shipment and it gets kind-of hard to keep track of every charge amount and the shipping.
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I order from them sometimes. Shipping is slow, and it seems like at least one of the things in my order is always backordered. The quality isn't great, but the price is right.
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I ordered from them for Christmas last year! I got some Sandra Lee "Semi-Homemade" cookbooks (she is on the food network) for, I like $7 each. I got a couple and gave them to my sisters who are college age. They were one of her older cookbooks (from a few years ago), but who cares?!? It's almost like they get over-stocks.

It depends on what you buy. But some the toys and other stuff, you can look up on other sites and compare prices and customer reviews and such.
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I've bought a couple of things and never had any problems
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I bought a small corner curio with glass. The glass was broken when it arrived. I called and they sent me a new one, no charge and told me to keep the one I have. So, no big complaints.
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I have ordered from them once and the shipping was slow, although it was around the holiday season. My mother has ordered some decorative stuff like the metal stars with snowmen painted on them and they are very nice. The quality really just depends on what you order. Furniture from them isn't great but if you are on a tight budget might be worth looking into, it is also on the small side. You can get some really good deals with them though. I am planning on placing an order with them within the next week, they have those really cute Little Miss and Mr books by Roger Hargreaves 6 books for 6.95. So to some it up you can get some great stuff from them at great prices.
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I went to and noticed that their catalogs look very similiar to ltd commodities, which I use to order from. I went to and sure enough the toys are exactly the same at both website for the same price. I didn't order anything big from ltdcommodities, but did order quite a bit and everything was very nice. They had these cardboard wine bottle holders and they were either a snowman or santa and everyone loved them! I brought wine in them as hostess gifts!
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Thanks so much for the input.
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