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Using Left Over Spaghetti

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I am constantly throwing out spaghetti. I have tried freezing it but it seems too mushy after rinsing in hot water. Does amyone have any recipes or ideas.

My Dh and I would be so grateful.
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I usually just store in the fridge with sauce on it and eat for lunch within a few days. I love spaghetti but I'm not crazy about it as leftovers though.

I would think you could cut it up in smaller pieces and add to soup or a casserole kind of thing. There are lots of 'macaroni' style casseroles so try substituting the spaghetti. You could make a turkey tetrazzine kind of thing with a sauce and some meat. Could you even make a cold pasta salad with it by adding some veggies and a light dressing?? Just some ideas!

A lot of people talk about having the freezer container where they put all the leftovers and then make soup when there's enough in there so you might not notice the mushiness so much in there.
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My mom use to make sandwiches with it.. I know a lot of carbs but it is good. I just ate left over noodles with a little butter salt pepper and some parm on it and it was yummy. There are some cold spagetti noodle salads that you can make also. I don't have a recipe but I will ask my mom or sister there is one that my great aunt makes that is really good.
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First I only cook mine to what the directions say so it doesn't get mushy.When you drain it add a touch of butter or oil to keep it from getting stuck to eat other.

I like to add to some left over spaghetti-

Spaghetti Salad-

Italian dressing,
salad supreme spice,
tomatoes diced up,
green pepper,
Carrots diced up,
some can parmesan cheese.

Mix and chill.Serve when ready for it.If it gets to dry add a little more dressing or a little bit of water.
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I had a hotdish over the weekend that would be good

Take speghetti noodles (cooked) mix with speghetti sauce and hambuger.

Take 1/3 of mixture and put in a cassarole dish
put a layer of pepperoni and mozzeralla cheese on top
add a layer of speghetti mixture
add a layer of pepperoni and cheese

continue until done

bake at 375 until cheese on top is bubbly
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We just have it again as leftover spaghetti. The easiest way to heat the noodles is in a pan of boiling water just for a minute.
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My aunt sometimes uses spaghetti instead of macaroni in her macaroni and cheese. Just melt a little velveeta with some milk, add some black pepper and mix into your leftover spaghetti noodles.
As far as meat sauce, someone told me they use it in place of the meat mixture for sloppy joes. I've never tried it, but depending on how you make meat sauce, it might work.
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You're probably going to think this is gross but my dh loves it.

For dh's family, it's a breakfast thing.
The morning after we have spaghetti, I fry some bacon very crisp and crumble it back into the grease in the pan. Then I add the noodles, salt and papper, and then saute them for just a couple minutes. Next, scramble a couple eggs and pour over the noodles. STir is all together until egss are set. Serve.

I had never heard of this before I married dh but his Czech mom has done this forever. I have seen grown men argue over this stuff. My dh is thrilled when I do this for him. I don't know if it's an acquired taste or not, but thought I'd throw it out there.
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I like to make a brocoli al olio type sauce. I use butter, oil, brocoli, garlic, italian seasoning, parm. cheese.
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I make quick spaghetti open-faced sandwich things with the leftovers. Throw some frozen garlic bread into the oven, heat up the spaghetti (sauce, meat and noodles all mixed together). Top the bread with some spaghetti. Mozz cheese on top, broil for a few minutes until melted. Serve with salad. DH loves these more than normal spaghetti I think.. He's always whooping with excitement and joy when I make them.. even saves spaghetti from dinner so we can have them the next day. LOL Now how many polish guys do you know that would do THAT?
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