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New Baby Question

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Hello, my husband, daughter and I were matched with a birthmom last week who will be having a baby soon and I am trying to get ideas on what I "REALLY" need for a newborn, what you could not do without and what you could have left behind. Our first daughter came home at 14 months old so this is our first newborn. I am a SAHM so we have only 1 income so I need to be as frugal as possible

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Sorry I can't help much with the "newborn" needs but we are a NC family too and are adopting from Ethiopia (waiting for referral and travel). Where in NC are you?
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honestly, besides some clothes diapers and wipes, and a warm place to sleep... baby is good LOL

I think a lot of these "needs" for babies now days are wants

congrats on your new baby soon!!!
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You definately need a crib, a swing(the table top swings are portable and not as expensive), a baby bathtub (usually can get those pretty cheap at garage sales) obviously bottles, bibs, car seat with an extra base if you have 2 cars. You don't need a bassinet, hooded towels (just use yours) or baby washcloths, personally never used the snugglies(the front baby carrier), baby laundry detergent is really expensive, I used the laundry detergent that was free of fragrances and dyes and didn't have any problems. Hope that helps
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Car seat, Crib (or bassinet ~sleeping place) diapers , wipes and clothes and bottles and formula are really the main thing you NEED
the other things that will help you would be stroller, maybe a bouncy seat
bibs and burp cloths. I know I dont have much and am trying to keep it simple with my soon to be new baby
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Some onesies or baby gowns would be good. The gowns fit longer and were easier for middle of the night diaper changes.

You won't need a changing table. My sister gave me a bunch of flannel receiving blankets. For diaper changes, I'd just put one of those on our bed and put the baby on it. We have seven kids and have never owned or needed a changing table.

I generally didn't buy infant sized socks either. If it was cold out, I'd put the baby in a footed sleeper. If it was warm, he/she didn't need socks, imo.
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Hi, we are in Asheboro, where are you located at? Congrats on your adoption going on!

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Sorry I can't help much with the "newborn" needs but we are a NC family too and are adopting from Ethiopia (waiting for referral and travel). Where in NC are you?
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Also, what is a good not so expensive Formula?

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Most of the name brand formulas run about the same price but the generic formula which is manufactered by PBM pharmaceuticals (they literally make every generic formula there is) is the exact same thing and the cost is around 50% less. You could try Parents Choice which is sold at Wal Mart or the Target brand. Parents Choice even has an organic formula. Good Luck with your baby!!!
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Congratulations on your adoption! I agree that a lot of the things people think are needs really are wants. I'd say clothes, a blanket or two, diapers and wipes, a place to sleep, and mommy's arms are what are necessary. I've used the infant car seat as a place to sleep, for a place to put the baby when you need a free arm, this is up until about 5-6 months usually. A stroller is also quite helpful.

As for formula, I primarily breastfed, but supplemented with the Kirkland brand formula from Costco. They're also a great place for diapers and wipes at a great price. I'd check your local Craigslist for many of these items. If CL was around when I had newborns, I would have saved a TON of moola!! Good luck!
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