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stranger taking pictures

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Would anyone know why someone would be driving by our house and take a picture of half of our house? It was the half with the driveway so our cars are in it. I saw them from the window.
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Just random guesses here:

Maybe they liked your houses' facade?
Maybe they liked your car?
Maybe they liked your landscape?
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Could it have been someone from the Town Assessors Office? We just had revaluations and they took pics of some people's houses.

Hmm, I just realized it is Saturday and I don't think they work on the weekends. Maybe they just thought your house is pretty.
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I wouldn't mind at all. We got a new roof and siding due to storm damage and I did the same thing.
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I will say that sometimes I take pictures of random things because I'm attempting to adjust my camera for the shot that I actually do want. Not that I've ever done that with a house and driving by it.
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Another idea:
Could it be for google street view? Google Maps

I've seen people taking pictures of our house before and it does creep me out.
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I know when we were one month behind on our mortgage, someone came out apparently and made sure we were still living here and hadn't jetted. It was just one of those things the bank did (we got caught back up, was just a slow time for DH, and that was one bill that slipped ) The bank just sent someone out here to drive by, and possibly photo, and then charged us $50 for it. We paid it, but it was irritating - we had already called to inform them that we would be late, and that both the previous month and current month payments would be made on X date.

But, I'd go with something nice like they liked your house and wanted to reference something about it for theirs.
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maybe they are preparing for a move and the homes in your neighborhood are camparables?

I always send my DH out (if he is home) and strange folks are parked or lurking around...there has always been a good workers (we live in a newer area), lawn care folks, sales people, etc. I'd try not to worry about it
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So they got photos of your license plates? Hmmmmm.
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Are you late on your house payment? The reason I ask is because I have a friend who does that for a living. She works for a company that checks up on houses when people are late with payments. She has to drive by and make notes about if people are still living there and if the house looks in good condition, etc, and many of them she has to take a picture of the house. I think it's just to reassure the mortgage company that the house is being cared for. If you're not late...then I have no idea!!!
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