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Lands End vs. Eddie Bauer vs. LL Bean

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I rarely buy anything from any of these retailers but what I do have I love. I got the Land's End Kid catalog and I'm loving the boots on the back cover. If I get a black for my son, I can pass them down for my daughter to wear and get more for my money!
Anyway, I thought I would check LL Bean and Eddie Bauer to see if they have something similar for a tad cheaper or different color, then I thought I should check with you ladies about any company preferences between those 3.

For Instance, with Land's End, can't you return merchandise to Sears? That's a plus!

Thanks for any input!
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I'm anwsering my own questions! LOL
You can earn LLBean gift cards through My points
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For me personally...I don't like Eddie Bauer. I think they're overpriced for the quality you get. JMO I don't find that their clothing fits my family as well as clothing from LLBean or LandsEnd. I also don't find that they have as good sales or markdowns. Just depends on what you're looking for though, obviously. Eveyone is different...

I think both LandsEnd and LLBean have exceptional customer service. They go above and beyond the call of duty in that aspect!
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I also prefer LLBean and Lands End. The customer service is awesome and they have great sales for well made clothing. The two are very similar in prices and sizing and what they offer. If you can't find the color vest you want at Lands End, check LLBean, they will probably have an almost identical style/price with different colors.
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I also like LL BEan and Lands end. I think Eddie bauer is expensive for wh2at you get.

On a side note you could also buy the boots in a navy color and it work great for a boy and a girl.
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I'm a huge fan of Lands End and LL Bean. We're outdoorsy types and very casual and it fits both my and dh's personalities!

They have outlets online too. You should check them out

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I like lands end but mostly b/c I have a not quite perfect store and can get stuff really cheap. I just got my dd a backpack for $5 and it has a butterfly monogramed. They also offer free shipping often and yes you can return to sears.
I like LLbean but since it is all catalog I never really think to buy from them.
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I don't care for Eddie Bauer for the same reasons mentioned. I guess I like Lands End more just because I can return something that doesn't fit to my local Sears store. I hate packing everything up & returning it via mail!!!!!
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I really love Lands End right now. The Sears near me has large depts. of mens, womens and childrens clothes. Recently there was an end of season clearance sale 50-75% off. It's really convenient that returns can be made at the store as well. There isn't a time limit either. I recently returned items purchased 2 years ago and recieved the full price back (I did have receipts). Those boots on the back cover are fabulous! I don't think LLB will have anything similar. LLB is great for the boat and tote. I used to have the credit card for free shipping and monogramming-it's a good deal if paid off each month.
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I find with Land End, at least for their boys shirts, I think they tend to run small. I won't buy from Eddie Bauer or Bean for clothes anymore, though, because I hate to pay the shipping if I have to send it back. The Lands End/Sears connection has worked out GREAT for us. I find many discrepancies in sizes and there are times I'm taking a bunch of stuff back.

Now for things like backpacks, I'd have no problem going with LLBean. Chances are I'd never have to return it.
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