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Toddler Poop Question

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I have a toddler poop question for you all. My little one is 14 months old and still has soft poops. I would say they are peanut butter to thick frosting consistency most of the time. It is not diarrhea. About once or twice a week a soft turd. She poops 1-2 times a day and does not have problems going and does not have gas very often. Her diet is pretty limited since she does not have her molars in yet and does not like most meats. She also has issues with most dairy products. She is not a fan of veggies either.

Here is her typical diet

soy milk
Graham Crackers
Nilla wafers
Soy cheese
diced peach cup (juice drained)
mandarin oranges (juice drained)
apple sauce
carrots (occassionally)
Chicken nuggets (1-2 diced up)
Fish sticks (2-3 diced up)
Gerber Graduates Pasta Pick ups (occasionally)
cooked potatoes
organic dairy free waffles

At this age how was your little ones poop? I have been reading that thick sludgy poops (aka peanut butter poops) can be normal for some kids.

Sorry for the gross question

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My DD is 14 months and her poops seem similiar...they very in color but are still "frosting" consistancy! Funny descriptions--but accurate! Hope that helps.
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Thanks for sharing. I fondly call them peanut butter poops and sludge.
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My ds is 25 months and still has "peanut butter poop". He always has. My dd was definitely NOT like this, so I asked the pedi and she didn't think it was normal. We actually had to collect poop samples and send them to the lab. They tested for lots of things but everything came back negative. He has had regular poops maybe 5-6 times in his life.
He also has dairy issues, and he has gas issues. I have noticed a correlation with fruit--juice makes him immediately go poop. When he's eating alot of fruit, he has lots of icky diapers.
Just curious--do you think your kids poopies smell worse than usual?? I'd have to say ds does (and dds friends agree--LOL)
Anyway, he's growing fine and gaining weight normally and meeting all his developmental milestones, so I decided not to put him thru any more tests. For now I don't give him juice and I try not to overdo the fruit, and I buy LOTS of diapers and wipes.
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This is exactly how my 14 mo poops. Usually 2 times/day, thick but not in pebbles or balls. Like thick pb. She eats everything and drinks lots of whole milk and water.
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Sounds like this is the norm Good to know.
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my now 4 year old quit having peanut butter poops as you call it at 3 1/2 years old. my dd is 2 and still has them its normal.
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