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midwifery is illegal in some states

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What is your take on this?

Currently, it is illegal to practice midwifery in the District of Columbia and 15 states: Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Virginia and Wisconsin.

In some states, statutes require midwives to have nursing degrees in order to practice, while in others, licensure is unavailable, indirectly preventing midwives from practicing legally. As a result, there are cases pending in courts around the country prosecuting midwives for practicing medicine without a license

~Thing is, I don't think it should be illegal, thousands of babies worldwide are being born in the hands of loving midwives. I realize that yes, some people do need proper "dr" care, but for the healthy, I don't see why a midwife should be shunned out.
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As I said on the other post (lol) in Nebraska it is illegal for home births even with a midwife. It's not illegal to have a midwife at your birth, but it must be done in a hospital. I think it's too bad, this is such a deeply personal decision for so many people. It's also too bad in rural communities, where you may have to drive 1-2 hours to get to the nearest hospital that deals with pregnancy and birth.
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We are a sue-happy nation...and honest to goodness, that is what it boils down to in the end. My first daughter was born with the help of a midwife. After that, I moved to a state that doesn't allow them (AL), so I didn't have that option. While I loved my doctors that delivered the rest of my children, the midwife was just as good....and much more one on one both before AND after her birth.

(I wanted to add that I do not believe all law suits are frivilous. A lot ARE warranted...but unfortunately, as a whole, the US seems to think the answer to every little thing that goes wrong is to sue someone or something.)
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Are you sure? Is this a new law? A midwife delivered my first son in Georgia in 2000. It was not a homebirth, but I knew people who used her for a homebirth at that time.
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I dont think its right that they can make midwifery illegal. I love my midwife. I'm sure there are great doctors out there, but she is just so personable and friendly and caring...the list really does go on. She has a nursing degree and her masters in midwifery. They are well educated. I just dont understnad why they would outlaw something so wonderful!
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clare, I do believe that it is a new law in georgia, for homebirths, not hospital, because I was looking to do a VBAC and since they would not allow a FL homebirth VBAC, I was considering going to georgia.... but I guess they are stricter than FL.

It has gotten a tad ridiculous
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I would check your source again for where midwives are illegal. They are not illegal in Virginia. I had a homebirth in 2005 and will be having another in 2009.
I think it is rediculous that the government wants to limit what a woman can do with her body and where. It is my choice if I want to deliver at home or at the hospital. I am responsible enough to have a very qualified midwife attend it.

I fear if homebirth is illegal in some places, you will have more incidents of issues as people will try to birth at home anyways. Birth is becoming too medicalized in this country anyways - we need to take a look at Europe and see how successful their systems are.
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you are right, I don't think that I typed in that they had to be nurse midwives, with certain qualifications, sorry about that.
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