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Mommysavers Spotlight ~*Momof2boys*~

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What is your first name? Leighann

What are your kids’ names and ages? Evan (7) and Joshua (4)

How did you find Mommysavers? Have you referred anyone here? Were you referred here? I was looking up how to make baby wipes, I have told a few moms about it, but no one has visited that I know of!

What does your user name mean? I am a mom to 2 boys.

Out of all the things the members here have offered in terms of advice, support, counsel and criticism, what have you personally benefited from? And do you remember specifically who the member was that offered that advice?
I have made quite a few friends here 2bearsmom being my first "real" friend! I have had the pleasure of meeting her and Doozer (twice) MegNAbbysMom and even Kim. As for advice gosh too many to choose from but you that have helped me with some tough stuff know who you are and I thank you!

How many coupons do you use on a regular basis? I would say anywhere from 5 to 10 a week if not more.

What was your most recent "bargain"? I ended up by using coupons and finding a deal at Target getting 4 boxes of Kashi cereal for $2.00 and that is a GOOD deal for that kind of cereal.

What have you done to save money this week? Perused all my ads, cut coupons, try to live frugal as I feel its part of my SAHM job!

What do you consider a way of life that others think is a crazy way to save?
Living within our means.

What is your favorite store in which to find bargains? Lands End, love their overstock!

What is the best deal you ever found (even if it wasn’t at your favorite store)? I recently found a pair of winter boots through Lands End for $26.00 and they are such good quality I know I wont be disappointed and needed a new pair very badly.

What is your best money saving tip? Cut coupons, watch grocery sales actually all sales Why pay full price EVER if you don't have to. I also try to only buy what I need not what I think I need!

What is your favorite frugal meal? Making breakfast for dinner and the kids LOVE it!

Do you enter contests? If so, what is the best prize you’ve ever won?
Not a big contest finder but I have won a few here, I even found the Sorcerer for Harry Potter and I wasn't even trying for that. Maybe I will even with the grand prize for my boys to save when they are old enough to start reading Harry.

If money were no object, what 3 things would you buy yourself or your family?

We would go back to Disney World it was a great vacation. I would get my dh a big screen tv and for myself a Kitchen Aide Stand Mixer!

If you had $10 to spend on yourself (you and you alone) what would you buy? A Carmel Cooler from Caribou and a couple of magazines.

Are there words you live by? What are they? This too shall pass, because its so true.

Sum yourself up in 1 word: genuine


MS Mom of the Week is a fun way for us to get to know the Mommysavers members. Newbies to the board as well as regulars are welcome to participate. The Mom of the Week is randomly in advance of her being featured. I do this so I can contact you, let you know your feature date, and arrange to receive a picture from you to include with the survey. Having a picture included is so we can make it a little more personal and put a name to a face. This is optional of course, as are all the questions being asked. If I don’t hear back from you before your “feature” date, I will randomly select the next person and then get back to you the following week. If you would like to participate please PM 2bearsmom and we will get you signed up.
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Congrats on being in the MS spotlight!

I want a Kitchen Aid mixer too!!! A red one.
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Congrats on the spotlight. If I had extra $ I'd buy TB a big screen plasma HDTV too!!!
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Hi, Leighann! It was nice to see you featured in the Mommysaver Spotlight. I enjoyed learning more about you. Thanks for all you do here at Mommysavers! Have a super week!
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Loved reading more about you!
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Congrats on Mom of the Week Leighann.
Great reading more about you!
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Congrats, it's great getting to know you better!
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Congrats. on MS Spotlight and it was fun getting to know you better!
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Thanks for sharing!
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Thank you for sharing some of you with us..
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