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How do you organize a small bedroom?

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My boys ages 11 and 8 have to share a very small room. We live in a 14' x 60' mobile home so you can imagine how small it is! They have bunk beds but it's even hard to place them where it looks good. I can't place them on one wall because it would block the AC and I can't place it on the other 2 because it would block the door which only leaves the one and it blocks the closet. So you can see how frustrated I am. We thought about knocking out the closet totally but we would have to be careful because the central air unit is on the opposite wall even tho it doesn't work at the moment I don't want to damage it.

I just wonder if anyone else lives in a small home or has to have their kids to share a room? If so do you have any organizational advice? I'm thinking of getting a tall bookshelf to put their clothes on. Right now they've been stacked on the dryer and in baskets. This is driving me nuts. I have to do something. I went in their room this morning and filled a Wal-mart bag full of trash and old toys. I know I need to get rid of anything they don't use or play with but just getting them to agree on what one wants and the other doesn't etc. The main things to organize is clothes, books, and toys. Any help would be appreciated.
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Well since you can't go out, go up. Put shelves around the top of the wall to hold toys. then put shelfs on the walls and you can get colored baskets to go on the shelves to hold their clothes and other supplies.

Put baskets under the bed to hold stuff too.

Another thing you can do is get a daybed or futon that has a pull out bed underneath. That way at night you can pull it out and both boys will have their own bed, but during the day, the matteress slides back in place and you will have more room.
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When I was little my sister and I had to share a room for a while - used bunk beds.

One thing that I remember that was "fun" is that my dad put up a long shelf along the length of the top bunk. Probably 6-8 in deep. I could put a lot of my dolls there and play with them up there and they were out of the way. You could probably do this for the lower bunk as well.
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My sisters and I used to share a room (three of us!) and we had a hard time finding room for everything. My mom had a bunch of rolling containers that were under our bed. Those held toys, and then clothes whenever my baby sister came along because we didn't have enough closet space!

She had a couple of little hammock things that held stuffed animals/dolls that she strung up above each bed (we had bunk beds, too), and then a couple of bookshelves like you mentioned as well as a storage container that she made that doubled as a dry erase/chalkboard/ desk.

I don't have any kids, yet, so these are pretty old ideas, but I HTH!!!
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Look for double duty furniture. Like enclosed bedside tables for extra storage. Those underbed rubbermaid storage totes work great for extra bedding or toys, games and puzzles.
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ok here is what i would do.
1. take off the closet doors
2. put wire shelving in the closet(the white kind my friend did this they live in a mobile home so i can see your dilemas)
3. put up a curtain that you can close off the closet if you have company or feel it needs to look clean. the games toys and such in bins on closet shelves the boys are old enough they can get them in and out around the bunk bed i would store clothes and stuff not in season on the bottom of closet in totes.
5. utilize the under bed storage weather it be for clothes or toys low plastic rolling bins work great we did that when our boys had a small room and bunk beds.
6. buy a cubby style(can get at target walmart for 30-50 bucks) unit or dresser for clothes. get two different colors bins for cubby style so they know wich stuff is theirs. do one for shirts one for pants one for sweatshirts ect.
7.get a shoe organizer for the back of the bedroom door that can hold underwear socks and shoes you can get them with tons of pockets even nice fabric ones so that people can't see thru them. these are very functional and practicle.
8.. you can also get deflectors for heating/cooling vents to push the air where you need it we have to do this in our living room we got one that makes it so the air goes under out side table works great and was like 3 bucks.

hope you have some good ideas from everyone to help you get them organized and an effecient space
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I agree with Brensmom in the pp.
We lived in a tiny trailer for years and our bunks had to sit on top of the ac/heat vent. We had an air deflector and it worked good. Right now we have the girls all together in a small room and we hung up 2 extra clothes rods to hang up all their stuff and put shelves up really high in the closet for our of season stuff and extra wipes. You could probably get away with 2 in a closet for your kids' ages. You can also get a hanging rack that attatches to the top of the door and you can hang a few things on it, we had one in every room and in the bathroom too. A toy hammock for stuffed animals is great to keep the floor less cluttered. You could take the doors off and put some dressers in the bottom half too, we have also done that and it works good. Just raise up the hanging bar a little if you have to.
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I Am confused as to What you mean By Blocking the AC - Do you mean the Vent on the Floor?

Can't You put A Bed Over that if their Is enough Space for Airflow. I Always have placed Furniture Over them.
If that is what you are talking about.
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I mean an AC in the window. Our central air unit is broke for now. We have their bunk beds on the furthest wall away from the door but theirs just enough room for my youngest to squeeze through to get in the closet. So that's why we thought about knocking down the wall to their closet to open it up more. We did that in our bedroom and it's made a world of difference. I just wonder if using a big bookshelf to hold their clothes would be better than buying two chests which would take up more room? I do have those roll out bins for out of season clothes tucked under their beds. I also have a few tubs to hold their toys. I just need to get rid of all the excess because Christmas is coming and we all know what that means.
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