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Pumpkins at Aldi's!!!

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We went to the pumpkin patch today with my son's Mom's Day Out class! When we got back to school, his teacher and another mom were talking about the different priced pumpkins. They said the large ones at the pumpkin patch were $16! They said the same sized pumpkins at Reasor's (a grocery store) were $30. (A friend told me that Wal Mart's are $4.50.) Then they said that Aldi's had the large ones for $1.99!!! They said ours had run out and they were getting in another shipment tomorrow!

So before you hit the pumpkin patch this year, you might want to check out Aldi's!

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Thanks!! I don't go to Aldi's often but it's worth a visit for nice pumpkins at that price!!
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I have never seen crazy prices like those! The ones on the side of the road are usually only 3 dollars here. I think they used to be at least 5 dollars, but they are all over the place, so I suppose they need to be competitive. Still, no one is a cheap as Aldis. I hate to buy them too early so they don't turn to mush. And I bet the sale is only this week. They will probably be all out next week.
I geuss I never paid attention to how much the huge ones are, but I am pretty sure at our Walmart they are around 4-5 dollars.
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I've only been once since ours opened up a year or so ago. I've been meaning to go again, but haven't yet. But for Pumpkins that cheap, I'll make a special trip!

I was thinking those prices were high too, but hadn't looked yet! They probably will go fast though, hadn't really thought about it!

I'll probably go grab some anyway. We'll see how long they last! We'll still hit the Pumpkin Patch again anyway just for pictures, and maybe let the boys pick up some mini pumpkins for in the house, but I'll be getting our big ones at Aldi's this year!!!
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Thanks, I am going to check ours tomorrow!
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My pumpkins are $2.49
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The Aldi's by my house hasn't had any yet, but I'll keep a look out. Thanks.
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I have brought pumpkins at Aldi's last year and was hapy with them. I thnk they are more med-large, rather than large. I got free ones from a local bank(annual event) that were bigger.
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We just got back from Aldi's and indeed here they were 1.99! Nice Size ones too, pretty heavy.
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