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Decluttering and organizing when you live in a mobile home

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I feel sooooo overwhelmed with it all. My house is a mess. I feel like I take two steps forward only to take three steps back. We ( my dh, 2 sons & I) live in a 14'x60' mobile home that we are buying. We got it brand new and it is a 1998 model so it is cute but small. At the time we had planned that our son was going to be the only child because I had a lot of complications with him but in a few years we decided to have another child. Anyways to make a long story short here I am feeling like a failure wondering how the house got to be so cluttered. I try to organize the stuff only to find that there's hardly any place to put anything. My dh says it doesn't bother him how the house looks and that it's not that bad but it is driving me crazy! Does anyone live in a small home and how do you organize it? I need motivation.
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I know, I get so overwhelmed with everyone's stuff! I try not to look at the house as a whole, but tackle one space at a time. Heck even one tiny corner at a time! My road to survival has been to toss it....We just can't keep everything. If its broken, we're done with it, needs to go. We save the few dear memories, but not every single one....or take pictures of things to remember. Under the bed storage and closet organizer systems.....take advantage of unused space up the wall and under stuff
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We live in a 4 bedroom 3 bath modular home and that might sound big to you, keep in mind their are 8 of us here LMAO
4 girls, 4 boys (thats including parents!)
OK, so I am a clean freak from hell too!! I did a fall fling challenge from another forum I belong to and it worked like a charm! By dec 21st, the goal of each person is 1000 things! And trust me they add up faster than you think!
I have taken 2 truck loads to our local senior thrift store and sold about a truckload of things as well!! There is a place online called where you recycle things, it is a great site, I also list on craigslist!
The previous poster is soooo right about closet organizers, they are about $40 at walmart and sooooo worth every penny!!
I have also found some cabinets (like the ones hanging on the walls in your kitchen) and I am putting them up in the laundry room and bathrooms for more storage, those can also be found on craigslist or freecycle, and they provide a ton of more storage space as well!! Those can be put up anywhere from the bathrooms, laundry room and even in the bedrooms and closets, they are nice looking and although some you may get for free you might have to go remove them, it is worth it too as they look like they belong in the home!!
Good Luck!
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I helped my friend declutter her singlewide about a month ago, so I know where you're standing.

When I did hers, I started at the front, which with her setup was the living room. We went through everything - keep, trash, giveaway/yardsale and "don't know". Everything that was a keep was put in it's proper area - beauty stuff in the bathroom, kitchens stuff in the kitchen etc. The windows were cleaned, videos organized, carpet cleaned.

Next, we went to the kitchen. We went through all the drawers and pulled everything out that was duplicates or not used (she had 6 peelers!!), and all that was put in the give away/yardsale box. All the dishes in the kitchen were cleaned and put away. The fridge was cleaned out. Anything that was in the kitchen that belonged in the living room had to be put away - in it's correct spot.

Then to her junk "computer" room. Same deal - everything was tossed, put in the next room down that it belonged to, or put in it's proper spot in the room before, and the whole room was cleaned.

We did that on down to the laundry area/hallway, the bathroom and then finally her bedroom. Bedroom, we also went through her clothes.

It took about 3 days to do all of it, but mobile homes are a bit easier because you can do the whole linear cleaning thing - start at the front and go to the back.

The biggest thing is getting RID of stuff. Obvious trash is trash, the giveaway/yardsale stuff is pretty easy, but the "I don't know" box is what can get filled the fastest. That ended up pretty much being all trash stuff, but I had to go through it with my friend to kind of convince her. Separating it on it's own let us sit down and talk about why she had it, and what would happen if she got rid of it.

All I know is we probably got 20 garbage bags of stuff out of her trailer.
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Thanks for all the advice and encouragement! I have thought about going from one end of the house and do one room at a time but I get so sidetracked. I have to stay focused. I'm afraid my dh and boys don't help much either. All I ask them to do is clean up after themselves like putting dirty clothes in hamper, dishes in the sink, and put whatever they take out back. All of that would help but no matter how much I beg and sometimes nag they may help for a day or so and then back to the way they always do.

In my home the kitchen is first then living room, boys' room, bathroom, and then our room. Can you believe our laundry area is at the end of the hall? So when we have company they have to walk through our laundry area in order to get to the bathroom. I hate it!

It would take more than a few days to clean all of it I'm afraid. I know there should be a place for everything and everything in it's place but what do you do when other stuff is in the place? I know move it but where to??? I'm also a bit of a perfectionist so it takes me longer to do stuff because I want it done perfectly. My mom always said if you can't do it right then don't do it at all but I'm thinking this bit of advice is wrong. I haven't been doing things and look at where it's got me.
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