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Bent and Dent Stores

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Who shops at bent and dent type stores?

I used to shop at one in our home town. I loved it, they had awesome deals in there. I just found out about one where we live now, but I haven't checked it out yet.

I know that there are people who won't buy cans that are dented, but not all cans in these places are. I rarely bought dented cans. My mom refuses to shop at these kind of places. She thinks the quality is compromised. What do you think?
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I have never seen a bent and dent store. If we had one, I would definitely give it a shot!
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We had one here in town called "The General Store" you could get canned goods and boxed foods, baking supplies and even health and beauty aides. We used to buy cereal for $1.00 per box, sometimes 2/$1.00. It was great for awhile, but then the building they rented from was sold. They closed it up and tried to start it again in a new building but parking was so limited that it hurt their business, they closed for good again this past winter.
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There are several here in my community. I think that it has something to do with the fact that there are a LOT of Amish. But anyway.

There is one that I go to often. I use it to stockpile. 90% of the time I can get things cheaper there than with matching coupons and sales at Meijer. A month or 2 ago they had Brown Minute rice for $1/box. I bought 6. I buy instant oatmeal there for $1/box.

I never know what I will find there - the owners don't either - it is just what comes on the truck. It has gotten busier and busier with the economy the way that it is.

I love my little bent and dent store.
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i don't know of one around us but i wish there was one.
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how would you even go about finding one of these? The closest thing I can think of is Aldi's.
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Originally Posted by Tinkerbell0124 View Post

how would you even go about finding one of these?

I was wondering the same thing. I tried looking it up online to see if there was maybe a list or something....Found nothing
I would love to buy from one of these stores though.
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Originally Posted by Tinkerbell0124 View Post

how would you even go about finding one of these? The closest thing I can think of is Aldi's.

I didn't know how to find one here either. I went to The Yellow Pages Online Business Directory | Search for Local Business listings. and searched "discount grocery" and the store name came up. I called them and asked if they were a bent and dent type store and the lady said yes. I am going to check it out tomorrow while DD is at MDO. I hope it is as good as the one in my home town. I could get green giant canned veggies 4/$1 and lots of other great deals.
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When I've lived near Grocery Outlet stores I have shopped there first. You never know what they'll have. You do have to know your prices though. Often I could do better in the grocery stores.

The Grocery Outlet near my mom closed a year or two ago. Not sure if the others ones did too.
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I Don't Buy Dented Cans - But I have Been Shopping at a Bent and Dent Store For Years - Actually , I Just remembered about it a Few weeks ago , and Now Am Going Once a Week -

Ours always has Different things!
Last Week - I Got some Annies Organic Chedder Bunnies -( Full Size Boxes ) For 50 Cents each , and I Buy all Our Nutrigrain and Granala Bars there.
I Have been Sticking to There for Cleaning Products , and HBA items too. -
I don't buy anything outdated Either! There are some products At this Store that Are Outdated , Although not By much , so I doubt it Matters.
Alot of the Boxes are damaged , or Are Bought from Grocey stores that Went out of buisness or Had Clearenced items that they couldn't Sell.
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