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It was so easy and money saving! I took a pair of my 1 1/2 year old son's jeans and flannel shirt, asked my mom for any scrap red and gold felt, and bought a straw hat at a craft store for 75 cents. I cut the gold felt into small strips for straw and the red into squares for patches. Then, I used my hot-glue gun to glue the "straw" behind the "patches" and on the shirt and jeans, and also a couple on the hat. For good measure, I also glued some straw under the cuffs of the pant-legs and shirt sleeves, and sticking out of the pockets. He was the cutest little scarecrow in town. -- Thanks to DeAnna for sending this idea!


Halloween Scarecrow for my 18 month son:  I bought some gold felt and cut it into six inch strips.  I then cut them in strips, leaving an inch at the top to make it look like "straw"  I took a pair of my son's bib overalls and glued the felt leaving about 1 inch hang over the edge.  I did the same for the sleeves on a flannel shirt and added "straw" to the pockets of the bibs.  I found some old shirts and cut tiny patches and glued those on to the bibs and shirt.  I bought a 99 cent hat at Michaels and did the same around the inside of the hat with the felt.  I cut some back for "bangs".  After Halloween I will soak it in water and wash it.  It cost me less than $4.  Can't beat that. -- Karrie from MN












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