Do Debbie Meyer Green Bags Really Work?

My daughter just competed in our regional science fair, and I thought her experiment would be of special interest to a lot of the Mommysavers readers out there.

She had seen the Debbie Meyer Green Bags advertised on TV and was curious about if (and how) they worked. They claim to absorb ethylene gases, which cause fruit and produce to ripen. If the gasses are absorbed, supposedly the produce stays fresher longer.

In her experiment, she compared various fruits and veggies taking pictures of them over the course of three weeks. She compared the Green Bags, conventional produce bags (the free bags available at the grocery store), and using no bag at all.

Her findings? While the Green Bags to help keep produce fresher longer than using no bag at all, but regular produce bags (which are entirely free) do the job nearly as well. Conclusion? Don’t waste your money.