tlc extreme couponing

TLC’s new show Extreme Couponing has been picked up for 12 more episodes, set to air tonight (April 6th) at 9/8C.  The show profiles die-hard coupon-clippers on their shopping trips as they buy hundreds (in some cases, thousands) of dollars in groceries and other merchandise with coupons to save as much as 95% off.

Extreme Couponing has caused a big stir on our discussion boards ever since the pilot aired in January.  Some of our members are giving them kudos for their savvy couponing skills, others are simply classifying their extreme methods of couponing as hoarding.  What do you think?

Join our discussions:

  • In the discussion thread Have you seen TLC’s Extreme Couponing? our forum members debate whether or not they would dumpster dive for more coupons, and whether or not they’d classify these couponers as hoarders

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