Free Download: Blue’s Clues Potty Training Video

blues clues potty trainingGet your toddlers interested in potty training with this free Blue’s Clues video download on iTunes: Getting Going: Morning Activities Blue’s Clues “Wake Up and Gotta Go.”

Two other short Blue’s Clues videos on getting ready in the morning are also available for free: “Breakfast and Toothbrush” and “Get Dressed“. ┬áThese videos are part of Nickelodeon’s To School We Go! series.

To download these free, short videos, go to iTunes and search “To School We Go”. ┬áThe three free Blue’s Clues videos are on the bottom.

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2 Responses to Free Download: Blue’s Clues Potty Training Video

  1. Beth says:

    I would love to get this for my son; however, I do not want to give iTunes my credit card info. This is NOT a free download unless you already have an iTunes account.

  2. Susie Chadwick says:

    I’m not sure why iTunes requires a credit card number to create an account, but you won’t be charged for free downloads.

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