Wal-Mart is having some hot clearance deals on toys right now! I was really excited when my husband and I stopped in (sans our son) and saw the 50% off Wal-Mart’s already low prices. They had Buzz Lightyear light up toy for only $12, Fisher-price castle for only$24, and a Toy Story duck-hunt like game for only $24.50, and this is only on a few end caps!

Now is the time of year I am stocking up on presents not only for my son, but for other children through out the year. It is nice to have a gift closet to pull from for parties and other events that pop up, I don’t have to run out into the snow for a gift at 8pm the night before. I also have an excel spreadsheet for my gift closet from MommySavers that keeps me organized.

Happy hunting!

Note: Selection and prices vary by store and region, these photos were taken in Savannah, Georgia.