Kindle Freebies: 22 MORE Free Book Downloads

kindle freebies

Wow! There have been so many new Kindle freebies lately. This is the third round-up I’ve posted this week, so be sure to check the Free Downloads page for any others that are still valid. Make sure the price still says $0.00 before downloading!  To find these for free on Nook, go to Barnes & Noble and search by title.

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2 Responses to Kindle Freebies: 22 MORE Free Book Downloads

  1. Beverly Wilkerson says:

    The titles of ‘FREE’ kindle books are ONLY free if you’ve paid to be a prime member. If you haven’t, you’d have to pay. This is false advertising on your part. I like your blog but am disappointed by your lists of this sort.

    • Kimberly Danger says:

      These were all free to everyone (not just Prime members) at the time they were published. Kindle freebies do change frequently, many of them are only available for a day.

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