NBC Today Show Steals and Deals: January 2, 2013

jills steals and deals nbc today show steals and dealsThe NBC Today Show Steals and Deals aired again this morning, where Jill Martin featured bargains associated with helping your New Year’s resolutions.  Purchase quickly, as many items sell out fast.  Some of the sites may experience an overload of traffic, so let us know if you get through and steal any deals! Visit the NBC Today Show Website for more information.

NBC Today Show Steals and Deals:  January 2, 2013

Giovanni Egyptian Comfort Sheets
Retail price: $149 – $189, depending on size
Discount price: $49
You Save: 70% 
Steals and Deals Coupon Code: TODAYSHEETS

ShaToBu Shapewear
Retail price: $36 – $58
Discount price: $16
You Save: Up to 72%
Steals and Deals Coupon Code: TODAYSHAPE

Tracey Mallet Workout DVD Set
Retail price: $59.99
Discount price: $14.99
You Save: 75% 
Steals and Deals Coupon Code: TODAYWORKOUT

Living Language Platinum sets
Retail price: $179
Discount price: $54
You Save: 70% 
Steals and Deals Coupon Code: TODAYLANGUAGE

Escali Bathroom Scale 
Retail price: $79.95
Discount price: $24
You Save: 70% 
Steals and Deals Coupon Code: TODAYSCALES

Thanks, Hip2Save!

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5 Responses to NBC Today Show Steals and Deals: January 2, 2013

  1. Pattyhiggins1@verizon.net says:

    Ordered sheets on jan 2….,only received one set out of three. Yet entire amount was cashed that day. Where are they…not pleased at all.

  2. kathrine brigham says:

    Ordered perfume set and it was delivered yesterday SMASHED. There doesn’t seem to be anyone to write, email, or talk to about this. I am very displeased. If you are going to sell something you should have some way of communicating about problems associated with your orders. Please reply ASAP

  3. Sharon Fischer says:

    I ordered the Giovanni egyptain sheets ( luxor linens). I received the sheets a month later and was very disappointed with the quailty of sheet, you can see through( the very thin) and is not my idea of luxious sheet. I thought the sheets were 1200TC and in fact they are 1200 series (rip off), I bought egyptain sheets at the fair 800 series for $20, they also implied that they were 800TC. I contacted the vendor and the sent me a $25 gift code to use on other purchase from their company. (as if that will ever happen) I am just writing this to let you know that I trusted The Today show to advertise products that are the real thing, this is a major rip off. I feel cheated. Regardes Sharon

  4. Joyce Swanson says:

    I would like to know how to get to the deals.i view each time your show is on I wanted to purchase 05/2013.could not get on web..please.,please ,would like to purchase purse and jewelry

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