Stick Dog Wants a Hamburger and Other Kindle Freebies for Kids

kindle freebie: stick dog

I downloaded this free book, Stick Dog Wants a Hamburger and read it on my Kindle with my 4 year old.  I thought it was really funny, but it was a bit wordy for her.  Now that I know the story, I’ll just skip to the pictures and paraphrase for her next time.  Here are a couple more free Kindle books for kids.

To find these books for free on the Nook go HERE and search by book title.

Stick Dog Wants a Hamburger (Kindle) (Also Free on Nook)

Victoria Rose and the Big Bad Noise (Kindle)

The Middle Passage (Kindle)

Garbage! Monster! Burp! (Kindle) (Also Free on Nook)

Squidge: Little Elf, Big Trouble (Kindle)

Remember, you can also read free Kindle downloads on the free Kindle apps for iPad and PC.  Find more Kindle freebies on the Mommysavers blog.

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