Have you heard of Swagbucks? Have you tried it yet? In my opinion, Swagbucks is the easiest way to earn free money (gift cards) online. You’re doing online searches anyway; why not be rewarded for it? There are many different ways to earn Swagbucks – searching, shopping, referrals, completing special offers, finding codes, and now by playing free games. You can redeem your Swagbucks for gift cards, cash, and other rewards.

Sign up now and you will automatically earn 30 Swagbucks.  Do you need an extra incentive to sign up? Enter Swagcode SBGames after signing up and you’ll get an extra 30 Swagbucks! That doubles your sign-up bonus! This code is only valid through January 14, so hurry and sign up to claim your double Swagbucks bonus!

I spent about 10 minutes today trying out the new Swagbucks Games. I enjoyed all the ones I tried, but my favorite one was WordDrop. Alphabet blocks fall from the sky and the player clicks on letters in sequence in order to spell words and clear those blocks from the pile. I love word games, so no surprise I enjoyed that one.

Another free game I tried was Starfish. The mouse becomes a fish who swims around and catches as many starfish as possible in the allotted time. My 3 year old loved this game and it was great for practice using the mouse.

You can either play Swagbucks Games for free, or pay a small fee (in Swagbucks) to enter a tournament. The tournaments have greater prizes, but you can win Swagbucks just for playing the free games. In fact, I won 2 SB three different times while I tried out the free games!

Swagbucks Games Tip: A 15 second still ad plays while the game loads. My Swagbucks rewards appeared when I exited the game. So here’s the tip: If you like playing the same game over and over, click out of it between games once in a while to give yourself a chance to win.

Want more basic info about how to use Swagbucks to earn rewards? Here are some more Swagbucks tips that will help you get started earning: