Tackle It Tuesday

Conquer Car Clutter: Tackle It Tuesday, Feb 1st

Each Tuesday in February, the Mommysavers blog team will be presenting a new “Tackle-It” topic for organizing your home, life, or daily routine.  Each task will only require a small amount of time, but will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something BIG when you’re done.  Plus, we’ll be posting our own tips, advice and creative solutions to help you out along the way.

If you have a personal blog, feel free to participate in our Tackle It Tuesday themes and post a link to your blog entry.  We just ask that you link back to us as courtesy.  Upcoming Tackle It Tuesday themes include:

Tuesday, February 1st: Conquer Car Clutter
Tuesday, February 8th: Meal Planning
Tuesday, February 15th: Bathroom Cabinets/Drawers
Tuesday, February 22nd: Paper Piles

Watch for our first post tomorrow!

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