What Does “As Is” Mean at Target?

target as is stickers clearanceHave you ever seen the orange clearance stickers at Target marked “As Is” and wondered what those were all about?  Thanks to one of my friends, who is also a Target associate, now I know.

She says, “As you know from yesterday, we had inventory done at our store last night.  Well, this morning all sorts of goodies were popping up all over the store.  These items are clearance orange labeled “AS IS” which is just a fancy way of saying we don’t carry this product anymore and we need to get it out of our store.  They seem to all be 70% off.”

Further Clarification:

“AS IS sometimes means it is missing a part or box is damaged or something along those lines.  Our store uses AS IS for the SKU (for lack of a better term) numbers that are no longer in our system.  AS IS and ONLINE clearance labels print with a bar code on them and that is how they get scanned in at POS.  The items I bought yesterday and on line items we don’t carry in the store that get returned to us have black marker vertically through the barcode.  

Our store might have more of these no longer in the system numbers/products as we lost several facings in our remodel.  In the case of the hook rail, I am guessing that is was a color/style our store no longer carries or it was a return from another store.  It could have been hanging out on the wrong peg hooks on the sales floor or missed in the back room.  

In the case of the sun screen, the SKU #s were no longer in our system, bonus sized items have a slightly different number.  They were not missing a package or the carton was not damaged in shipping and they are not expired products.

I don’t know if items like these were spotted during inventory and ticketed right away or if they are in carts in the back room to be marked yet and set out.  One of the head ETL (Executive Team Lead) says this is a common sitting around the store after inventory.”  


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