I’m always on the lookout for hot Target clearance finds. This week was somewhat “blah,” but I wanted to pass on the scoop on what’s out there just in case you’re in the market for any of these things. There are always some hidden gems (like the Halo SleepSack and GE Light Bulbs pictured below) in Target’s aisles if you’re willing to look for them. Here are the best clearance finds I spotted at my Target store this week.  Let me know what you’ve found!

These were photographed on March 1st at Target in Mankato, Minnesota.  YMMV.

Slippers – 75% Off

Pull-Ups (30% Off) and Misc. From Great Save Event – Now on end caps in respective departments

Infant/Toddler Lace Charms – 75% Off

Kids’ Stickers in Stationery – 50% Off

Halo Sleep Sacks – 75% off + $2.00 off coupon HERE

Adjustable Roller Skates – 50% Off

Misc. Bakugan Items – 75% Off

Speedo Kick Boards – 50% Off

Fireplace Accessories – 75% Off


Space Heaters – 50-75% Off

Hello Kitty Nail Polish – 75% Off

Birthday Party Invites and Supplies – 50% off (details here)

GE Light Bulbs – 50% off + coupon $1.50/1