Target Easter Clearance: MANY Practical Uses for Seasonal Items Beyond Easter

Target Easter Clearance 2012Target’s Easter clearance items are 50% off today.  Use your imagination:  MANY of the seasonal items can be used long after Easter is over.

Target Easter Clearance

Many of the tablecloths work very well for any spring or summer event.  This floral tablecloth is actually vinyl, making it perfect or picnic tables or other outdoor events. In fact, you could possibly even use it as a picnic blanket.

Target Easter Clearance

These juice carafes are plain, except for the light pink lid.  They can be used for a wide range of gatherings including: birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, brunch, and tea parties.  One idea would be to buy a few of these and put different flavors of lemonade in them and garnish with ice, lemons, and whatever fruit flavor is in the carafe (ex: raspberry lemonade would be garnished with raspberries).

Target Easter ClearanceMany chocolates, like these Godiva truffles, can be taken out of the box and put into another container for gift-giving. They also make nice party favors.  Just place one on each place setting.

Target Easter Clearance

This white cake stand can be used any time of year.  Aside from cake and pie, these stands can hold cupcakes, mini-tarts, or even fruit.

Target Easter ClearanceCake pops! Who doesn’t love these?  Here is a kit marked down by 50%.  Notice there is nothing Easter-specific about these cake pops.  Great for any party!

Target Easter ClearanceNeed a bundt pan?  While the colors make them ideal for Easter, cakes generally aren’t served in the pan itself.  That means that no matter what time or year or color scheme, these pans can be used to make pretty cakes.  Just pick your favorite color and go.

Target Easter Clearance

If you’ve got little girls, flowers and butterflies are always a good option.  The Funfetti Frosting can be used for any occasion.

Target Easter ClearanceThese mini pie pans are awesome! The only thing about them that says “Easter” is the packaging.  Make pies, tarts, and quiche with this pan.  Yum!

Target Easter Clearance

Target Easter Clearance

These little toys were meant to be Easter-basket fillers, but they work well as birthday gifts, party favors or stocking-stuffers too.  If you shop ahead every holiday, you will NEVER have to pay full price these things again!

Target Easter Clearance

These festive-looking lined wicker baskets are VERY multi-purpose.  Use one to put together a gift basket for a friend.  You could also add a potted flower to the basket and use them as center pieces for your next party.  If you don’t like the color of the fabric insert, just take it out and don’t use it.

*Pictures were taken at the Harrisburg, PA Target store on April 9th.

Guest Post Credit: Target Savers

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2 Responses to Target Easter Clearance: MANY Practical Uses for Seasonal Items Beyond Easter

  1. arria says:

    When do you think it will go 75% off? Thank you!!!

  2. Belen Family says:

    Those festive-looking lined wicker baskets are just too cute!

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