Target Halloween Clearance and Holiday Markdown Schedule 2011

Today was the day when Target’s Halloween department got put on clearance at 50% off (candy is at 30%). I photographed many of the deals at the Waconia, MN Target store: costumes, decor, trick-or-treat bags, and much more. There were even little toys suitable to use as stocking-stuffers or non-candy treats that would work in birthday party goody bags. Your store may vary, but most Target stores follow the same holiday markdown schedule we describe in the next paragraph.

Target holiday markdowns usually follow a 3-3-2 schedule. Clearance merchandise goes to 50% off the day after the holiday, then 3 days later 75%. Bagged candy starts at 30% then goes to 50% and 75%. Again, 3 days after that what’s left is 90% off. 2 days after that it goes to salvage (Goodwill). If that holds true for Halloween 2011, Nov. 1st = 50% off, Nov. 4th = 75% off, and Nov. 7th = 90% off.

In recent months, Target has gone to 70% instead of 75% at some stores. YMMV.

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