Today Show’s Jill’s Steals and Deals: Valentine’s Day Gifts

Jill’s Steals and Deals is a regular money-saving segment that airs on NBC’s Today Show.  In past Steals and Deals segments, Jill has offered up outstanding bargains at up to 90% off their retail price.  The deals are only good for 24 hours, or while supplies last.  NBC and Jill Martin don’t profit from the sale of any of their steals and deals (but it certainly generates buzz for the NBC website).

These deals have been sot hot that it’s been difficult to get through on some sites because after airing on the Today Show their sites can’t accommodate the traffic.  If you get through and are able to purchase on of these hot deals, let us know.

Today, Jill focused on steals and deals especially for Valentine’s Day.  For the whole scoop, visit this page on the NBC website for more information.  Here’s a recap:

Steal & Deal #1: Personalized Valentine’s Day cards by PaperSpring
Retail price: $35.40
Discounted price: $5
Discounted percentage: 86% off
Promo code: TODAYDNA


Steal & Deal #2: Football team comfy throws from
Retail price: $60
Discounted price: $12
Discounted percentage: 80% off
Promo code: TODAYTHRW11


Steal & Deal #3: “Romantic Dinner for Two” package from Omaha Steaks
Retail price: $197.95
Discounted price: $49.99
Discounted percentage: 75% off
Promo code: todaysteaks


Steal & Deal #4: Personalized photo book by Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image
Retail price: $29.99
Discounted price: $5.99
Discounted percentage: 80% off
Promo code: Todaybook


Steal & Deal #5: Jewelry by Cleo Jules
Retail price: $182 – $192
Discounted price: $32
Discounted percentage: At least 83% off

For Steals & Deals recommended by our own members, visit the Mommysavers Online Bargains Forum

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23 Responses to Today Show’s Jill’s Steals and Deals: Valentine’s Day Gifts

  1. ANNETTE says:


  2. Vickie Phillips says:

    I can’t find the 2011 Green Bay Packers Champion sweatshirts that were featured on Jan. 25th , can you help?

  3. April Vincent says:

    The football throws shown on the Todays Show discounts, were not honored on their web site. How disappointing. I thought the deals were good for 24 hours. Why did they advertize then renig???? I am trully diappointed.

  4. Aelea Christofferson says:

    I tried to get the dinner for two, but there is a big banner of the site saying they are not giving the Today Show deal. Then I read the other posts saying waht they tried to get wasn’t avaialbe either. nWhy would a show with this much respect allow this to be such scam?

  5. Kelly R says:

    I just purchased a Chicago Bears comfy throw from Carsons at the super discounted rate. Thank you so much for listing these deals!!! I am so excited to give this as a present. Keep up the good work.

  6. Kara G says:

    I purchased the Hayley Starr Dress on Jan 11th and have not recieved it (now Feb 4th) when I looked at my reciept there wasn’t any contact infomration given for customer service? Thank you

    • Cindy says:

      Today is Feb. 22 and I have not received my Hayley Starr dress either. I have emailed them 3 times to find out the status and just found a phone number where I have left a message. 310. 360.9711. Has anyone received their dress yet?

  7. b says:

    SHAME ON NBC-Today Show, Jill Martin AND Carson’s!!!
    ordered (1-25-11) 3 Packer snuggies – advertised as from Carson’s. 2-5-11 received 2, packed in a flimsy garbage bag like pouch. No way 3 would fit. Took pics! called the “customer Service” (NOT) # listed – gave the order# on packing slip. they couldn’t match it up. after 1+ hour, finally reaching a supervisor, found out this merchandise was through an “E-commerce” site – NOT carried at Carson’s, shipped from Toronto, canada – directly from a vendor. 1st told send items back and get credit – ??? also asked what did i expect for that price! JILL MARTIN – exactly how do you arrange for these items? YOU are scamming the LOYAL TODAY SHOW viewers!!! Today Show – YOU are giving FREE national advertising – for CRAP MERCHANDISE! SHAME ON YOU CARSON PIRIE SCOTT!!!
    WHAT A RIP-OFF!!! many of these “STEALS and DEALS are exactly that — YOU HAVE SCAMMED THE TodaY Show viewers!!! MAKE THINGS RIGHT! Today show – STOP THIS SEGEMENT! These are NOT DEALS!!!

  8. Yoli says:

    i just picked up my photo book…it was fun putting it together ! the codes are good until Feb28th.. i’m putting together a couple more…YAY for Jill’s deals

  9. Pradeep says:

    Todays show talked about the steal and deals . I wanted to buy the Power mat and was not able to .
    After reading customers experience i have decided not to buy. I don’t think its right of Today’s show to promote a product which is a scam.

    Please Today’s show check into it as as i trust your channel to do the right thing.

  10. I was going to start buying from jills steals and deals until I read the customer reviews on everything. is this Jill not doing her homework before airing anything that might be considered junk. I’ll continue to check to see if the reviews change.

  11. ashley says:

    I purchased the Steals & Deals Valentine’s Day cards from by Paperspring. They arrived just in time! It was a bit hard to order online due great deal but for the savings it was worth it!!! P.S. The cards are already a hit – great quality!

  12. Sue Jones says:

    I hope this is not just some message board that nobody at NBC or The Today Show pays any attention to because I am really looking foe some sort of response.

    I ordered the offer from Omaha Steaks from the Valentine’s Day “Steals and Deals” segment of the Today Show. The offer was for: 2-4oz fillets; 2-5oz lobster tails; 2 cheese stuffed baked potatoes; mixed vegetables; chocolate cake for two; and a $20.00 Gift Certificate from Omaha Steak. At this time I am looking forward to this special meal on Valentine’s Day. I hope the meal is as good as the brand name Omaha Steaks is famous for. But….if my experence so far dealing with Omaha Steaks is any indication… the meal could be a big let down.

    The $20.00 Gift Certificate was not a big factor in my decision to purchase this package, but it was part of the package and I’m sure its value was taken into consideration when the % of savings was worked up. So right from the start I was looking forward to using it and had been looking through the catalog and checking out the emails I was getting from Omaha Steaks with the special offers.

    When the package with the steaks came there was no $20.00 Gift Certificate in the package. But I had received an email that said it was a $20.00 Reward E-Card. Since there was no Gift Certificate I decided this Reward E-Card must have been what was called a gift certificate in the offer. My first problem with that was that instead of a Gift Certificate that I could use at my liesure, this Reward E-Card expired on February 28. That was less than a month away and only 3 days more than a month since the original offer. For me, a purchase from Omaha Steaks is very special– a real luxury. To afford to do that twice in such a short period of time was a big deal. But by this time I had found something in the catalog that I really wanted to try.

    Well, I was excited today when I got an email from Omaha Steaks offering Last Day (although it was the first time I was hearing about it), Free Shipping, and big savings. When I read the email and found out that the item I had been wanting to try was one of the items listed in the email. I decided right away to call and to place the order.

    My first disappointment when calling to place the order was that even though the item I had seen in the catalog and was looking foward to trying was listed in the email, it didn’t qualify for thr free shipping. So to get the free shipping I had to order something else that did qualify. Oh well, it was a really good deal, so I went ahead. When I got to the end of the order and went to pay with my Gift Certificate from the Steals and Deals, I was informed that to use this “Gift Certificate” I needed to spend at least $79.00. I canceled the order. But I feel like I’ve been cheated.

    That Gift Certificate really had very little if any bearing on my decision to take advantage of the offer presented on the Today Show. But, my experence with trying to use that Gift Certificate has left me feeling like I have been lied to first by the Today Show for not making sure that the offer that they presented was legitimate. Certainly, at least part of that offer was not legitimate. Which brings me to the fact that I feel like Omaha Steaks out right lied about what they were offered. A gift certificate does not come with conditions. If I go to your website and buy a Gift Certificate to give to a friend, it does not come with conditions. Omaha Steaks willfully decived everyone who purchased this deal. They had no intension of giving $20.00 Gift Certificates.

    I hope this experience is not indicative of how my special Valentines’s Day Meal is going to go because right now I have a really bad taste in my mouth.

    • Kimberly Danger says:

      Sue, We are a deals site for moms and are not affiliated with the NBC Show. I’m sorry about your bad experience with the Steals and Deals promo. Have you tried contacting the customer service department at Omaha Steaks to voice your concern about their Steals and Deals offer?

  13. Janet says:

    I have purchased several things from the Steals and Deals and have been very happy with them. They’re good quality for outstanding prices. I always check the web sites to make sure what I’m buying.

  14. Gale Dee says:

    I bought the powermat and the mango bracelets and have had no problem. The Websites are usually very slow and you need extra time and patience to place the order but it tis worth the $$$$saved.

  15. patricia tully says:

    I tried to order the neater feeder Jill Deals, but it would not take my promotion code today15.
    I would have really like to have purchased it.

  16. Doris Reale says:

    I purchased the wrap watch from Jill’s steals and deals by phone because I was unable to order online. I think the episode was 4/27/11 but I never received the watch nor was I ever billed. I do not understand how “Le Mer’ watch can just decide not to honor my order after I provided all the necessary credit card information?????

    I will never order another “steals and deals” because there is nobody to take responsibility.

    • C. says:

      I also had difficulty ordering La Mer watches, but after more than an hour of trying, did so online. However, I never really knew if my order was processed, as there was no email indicating I was successful. Apparently I was, because I got an email a week and a half ago(around June 5th) stating that my shipment had been sent. They are extremely behind with backorders. I would recommend calling them again to check on your order. It is my understanding that you are not billed until the order is shipped. Good Luck. I feel your frustration.

  17. Flora kletzky says:

    Could not get into ordering hobo bag on June 28 airing on today show flora kletzky would really have liked to order that bag in purple. It was within the 24 hrs.

  18. Terri Thornburgh says:

    the sheet set from S&L Home Fashions features in Oct. on Jill’s steals and deals were crap! Thin, NOT SOFT as advertised on the Today Show. Worse, UNRETURNABLE!

  19. Brenda counts says:

    I purchased the deal from for 500.00 in certificates for 30.00. Before making the purchase, I went yo their website to view participating restaurants in areas that I frequently travel to. Their were ALL of the restaurants listed that I frequent. I purchased 3 deals. When I wanted to use a certificate, the restaurants that I verified, were no longer listed. I feel this was fraud and want a refund for the 90.00 I spent. NBC and the TODAY show put the name on the deal, which gave confidence to viewer/consumers and I feel that NBC/TODAY show Sid in rectifying the situation.
    Brenda Counts
    Yorktown, va

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