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Featured Articles:


Back to School Clothes on a Budget by Kim Danger

For moms on a budget, the back to school wardrobe can be a frightening prospect. Your kids are begging for Tommy, Ralph, and Abercrombie, but your wallet wants to head to Wal-Mart.


Back to School Organization By Rachel Webb

Here are some preventative medicine and time saving tips that may help you avoid hearing "Mom, where is my homework?" 

Back to School Gear for Less by Kim Tilley

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but after 2 1/2 months of bug jars, mud pies, and family "togetherness", I'm ready to ship them out! Now comes the tricky part- getting them ready to go back to school without paying a king's ransom. Here are some ways to get the most for your money

Back to School Breakfast Ideas by Kim Tilley

Get the kids and yourself off to the right start with a cheap, delicious, home-cooked breakfast


Meal Makeovers by Liz Weiss Just in time for back to school lunches, here are three fun lunchbox ideas for busy moms everywhere! 

Homeschooling - Is It Right for Your Family? by Kim Danger

Being able to structure your child's education may at times seem like a welcome challenge, and at other times more like an overwhelming responsibility. Before making the decision to homeschool, it is important that parents gather as much information they can about the homeschooling experience. Here are a few aspects to consider


More Money Saving Tips from our Readers


Throw a Back to School Party by Kim Danger

If your kids are dreading the end of fun-filled summer days, a party might be just what they need to get excited about going back to school



  Instead of buying chips in those single serving bags for the kids, buy a big bag of genericchips and bag them yourself in Ziploc bags. If they don't finish the chips, they can always zip the bag back up and save the rest for later -- Deana from AK



Shop for Back to School Supplies, Clothing & More:



Boscov's Department Store

Lands' End

Lillian Vernon

Limited Too

Payless ShoeSource

Scholastic Store



Target Online

Tommy Hilfiger

TJ Maxx




I just went "back-to-school" shopping for my kids.  I have a 11-year old boy going into the 6th grade and a 5 year old girl that is starting Kindergarten.  I consider myself a very frugal shopper and yesterday I hit all the "CLEARANCE" racks and saved A LOT of $$!!!  I was able to buy my 5-year old some of the capri pants that are in style right now for $3 a pair, tops to match for $5 each.  I got her a pair shoes that match most of her cloths for $5, and a couple dresses for $7 each.  My son was able to find Diamondback shorts/shirt for $5 each, and Phx Suns clothes were $5 each, He really likes the camouflage look right now and I was able to pick up a couple of those shirts for $2, and a pair of Faded Glory jeans for $8.  The kids thought the clothes were great. -- Melinda from AZ


Featured Links:

Back to School with
Ideas for saving money on back to school supplies, clothes and gear, crafts and activities, recipes, issues parents face, and more!


Back to School Ideas from Alphabet Soup

Coloring sheets, ideas for beginning of school and all-year, printable patterns, songs and poems, and much more!


Back to School at
Help for easing the transition and bringing yourself back into balance during this busy time of year.

Back To School At

Time saving kitchen and lunchbox ideas for that back to school rush!


Back to School with

















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