Aldi: Great Deals on Fruit and Produce

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Our forum members have been raving about the great deals on fruit and produce at Aldi grocery stores lately (join the forum discussion HERE to read more about what great deals our forum members have found).  I picked up a Dole pineapple for $2.59 there last week and it was delicious!  Strawberries were just $1.19.  While prices can vary by region, prices at Aldi stores are typically lower than just about anywhere else.  To view your Aldi store’s weekly ad, visit this link.

Aldi is a limited assortment store and only carries about 1,400 items.  Because it only stocks frequently purchased items, it turns over inventory much more quickly and can offer prices on average about 40% less than traditional supermarkets.

Read more tips on shopping at Aldi stores HERE.

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2 Responses to Aldi: Great Deals on Fruit and Produce

  1. I love Aldi for their low prices on many of the staples that I use! However, I have found that the smaller, ethnic, locally owned grocery stores have the absolute cheapest prices on meat and produce. I have found green peppers for 50 cents a pound and red potatoes for 49 cents a pound. I usually start my shopping at Aldi to get everything on my list that is cheap and available and then move on to the locally owned stores. Finally, I end up at Wal-Mart for the specific items on my list that I can’t get a the smaller stores.

  2. Helen says:

    Aldi is a great store. That’s a good idea to shop locally for what you can.

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