Always Forget Your Grocery List? Go Paperless!

paperless grocery listAlways forget your grocery list? Go paperless!  One of my husband’s co-workers shared this idea with him and we decided to adopt it ourselves.  Sure, there are tons of grocery list apps out there — but this is just as easy (it’s even easier if you have kids who like to add things to your list for you).

I purchased this 11×14 magnetic whiteboard to go on our fridge.  It comes with the option to attach with magnets or adhesive strips (I used the adhesive strips since our refrigerator isn’t magnetic).  Anytime anyone in our family thinks of something we need to pick up at the grocery store, it gets added to the whiteboard.  Whenever I think of it, I snap a photo of the whiteboard with my phone. That way, I’ve got all the information I need with me at all times.  If my husband stops at the store on his way home from work, I just text him the photo.

No tearing off lists necessary!   After grocery shopping, erase the list on your whiteboard and start all over again.

paperless grocery list 2paperless grocery list 3

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3 Responses to Always Forget Your Grocery List? Go Paperless!

  1. Josephina says:

    that is a really useful idea.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I do this! Nice to know I may actually be ahead of the curve on something!! Lol

  3. Susannah says:

    Perfect idea!

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