Best Cosmetics Under $10

best cosmetics under $10

What are the best cosmetics under $10?  It was a question we asked our forum members last week and we got tons of great replies!   This is what they had to say:

Best Cosmetic Buys Under $10

  • BB Cream by Garnier“It retails for more than $10, but I found a deal for less.  Love that stuff.” - Diane
  • Almay i-Color Mascara“It has a very lush brush and makes my lashes look amazing!! It is less than $5 for a oversize tube…I’m in love!” - Stormy 8
  • Maybelline 24-Hour Eyeshadow -  “Also, I love Maybeline 24hr eye color. I use the white one as a base for my other eye shadows.” – Auschick


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