Christmas Treats: Cocoa Krispies Reindeer

christmas treats cocoa krispies reindeer

If you love Rice Krispies Treats, here’s another fun variation for the holidays.  These Christmas treats feature Santa’s reindeer, and Cocoa Krispies instead of the regular Rice Krispies.  Here’s how to make them:

You’ll Need
4 Tbsp. butter
1 bag miniature marshmallows
1 tsp. vanilla
6 C. Cocoa Krispies
24 Pretzel Twists (more to allow for breaking)
Red and brown M&Ms candies
White icing

Melt the butter and marshmallows over medium heat.  Once melted, stir in vanilla.  Remove from heat and add Cocoa Krispies. Stir until well coated with marshmallow mixture. Pour onto wax paper. Shape into 12 triangular-shaped reindeer heads. Allow to cool. Using white icing, add the eyes, nose, and antlers.

Yield:  12 Treats

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christmas rice krispies treats

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