Kindness Elves Tradition: An Elf on the Shelf Alternative

Kindness Elves - An Alternative to Elf on the Shelf The Elf on the Shelf Tradition is extremely popular these days, but some people find this type of elf “magic” is a bit off-putting (or even creepy).  Here’s a kinder, gentler alternative.  This Kindness Elf Tradition combines both the fun and magic of the Elf on the Shelf with the spirit of the season.  Plus, it gets whole family involved in doing nice things for friends, family and others.

Here’s how it works:  Each day in December, The Kindness Elf uses his magic to help others; whether it’s by baking holiday treats, shoveling driveways for the elderly, or simply writing a kind note of appreciation.   He can even help other family members!  It’s up to you to come up with the ideas based on the ages, abilities, and interests of your kids.  You can use a cute little elf-like chalkboard or white erase board to share your elves’ RAK ideas, or use little slips of paper.  Use some of our RAK Ideas for inspiration!

There’s no need to purchase an expensive elf for this idea.  Use what you have already, find an inexpensive elf at a hobby store (or Dollar store) or turn your existing Elf on the Shelf into a “Kindness Elf”.

Follow our Kindness Elves Board and Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Board on Pinterest for more inspiration.  Or, “like” the Kindness Elves Facebook Page.

This idea originally came from The Imagination Tree.  Check them out and see what their Kindness Elves are doing this month!

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