Shopping Strategies: Where (and How) to Find the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer

leappad explorer

The LeapPad Explorer by LeapFrog seems to be this holiday season’s hottest toy, but you’ll have a hard time finding it!   We’ve got a few tips to help you satisfy your child’s Christmas wishes without spending a bundle on inflated third-party prices.

Talk to Sales Floor Personnel
Sometimes it pays to get the inside scoop direct from the source.  Krissy on the Mommysavers Facebook Page writes, “My uncle got one (LeapPad Explorer) for his daughter. He spoke to the overnight manager at Walmart and asked him to please call him when they were going to be restocking the shelves. He told him to call even in the middle of the night. Sure enough, he called him Friday morning at 2 am. They offered to hold it for one hour. So he made a late/early trip to Walmart and got it.”

In my experience, I’d say you’ll have better luck in your quest by going into the stores and talking to people directly.  That personal connection has a bigger impact, and people are more likely to follow through (like Krissy’s example above).  However, if you’re short on time, let your fingers do the walking and call around.

Make the Rounds Online and Sign up for Notifications
Some sites offer a “Notify Me” button on their website so customers can be given the heads-up when the LeapPad Explorer is in stock. is one of them that will notify you.  Visit Target’s LeapPad Explorer page here – it also allows you to check stock in-store by entering your zip code. Other stores the stock the LeapPad Explorer include:

Jill from Facebook also recommends using or to track when/where they are in stock.

Search for Bundles
Recently we spotted some LeapFrog Bundles on the website even though the single LeapPad Explorer was sold out.  These can be a great option if you’d be buying the cases and extras anyway.

Check Out Alternatives
Ask yourself whether you’re set on the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer because of the product itself, or because of the hype.  There are other learning tablets out there that also get great reviews. For example, the Vtech InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet is similar to the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer tablet and is available and ready to ship on for just $79.99 (that’s $20 less than the Explorer).

Wait until after the holidays to buy it. Chances are stores will be fully stocked in January!  Postpone your purchase for a birthday or other special occasion.  Or, wrap up a LeapPad Explorer Carrying Case for your child to open and tell him or her that you’ll get the toy as soon as you can.  Not only will you save money, it’s a good way to practice delay of gratification while giving your child another gift to look forward to.

Keep Things in Perspective
If all else fails and you STILL are If you’re still dead-set on having a LeapPad Explorer under the tree on Christmas morning, be prepared to pay. You can find them on via third-party sellers with prices starting around $199.  Before you hit the “purchase” button, keep things in perspective.  For that price, you can get an iPod Touch or Full-Color Kindle Fire with WiFi that can be used well beyond the young elementary school age.

Do you have any tips for finding the LeapPad Explorer that we haven’t mentioned?  Have you spotted it recently!  Let our members know by leaving your comment/reply below!

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