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  1000 Best Baby Bargains From the creator of - all the best money saving tips that new frugal moms will need!  "Best book I've bought so far that I can actually apply." -- P. "Trish" McCall



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Save Over $2000 in Your Babys First Year by Kimberly Danger  There are hundreds, even thousands of ways to save money without depriving you or your baby of anything. Here are a few that deliver the biggest bang for your buck

How to Save Hundreds of Dollars Per Year on Baby Gifts By Dana Williams  Think for a minute. How many baby showers have you attended in the past year? Now think about how much money you've spent in the last year on baby shower gifts. One, two, may three hundred? The truth is, there are many gifts you can create with very little time and effort.

Child's Play by Nita Holstine  Ideas for extending the life of your kids' clothes

Kids Clothes:  Shopping Strategies  Readers share their tips for shopping popular national retailers

Buying Baby's Layette on a Budget by Dawne Brooks

Baby on a Budget by Dawn Lloyd

Military Moms  Tips and resources for military families

Garage Saling Strategies  Tips for getting the greatest bargains at garage sales!

Hitting the Bullseye:  Strategies for Shopping at Target by Kim Danger   Here are some strategies to make hunting for bargains in Target just a little bit easier.



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1000 Best Baby Bargains  


















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