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Adult Costume Ideas



If you need and adult costume, or one for a child who is too "cool" to dress up try these: pin or sew mismatched socks and dryer sheets to a sweatsuit and go as "static cling" also: hot glue a red, yellow, and green circle of felt to a yellow t-shirt and go as a stop-light! One year I went as the stoplight and my husband was a "high-way." For him, I hot-glued some plastic cars and a yellow dotted line of ribbon down the front of a black t-shirt. Perfect for those people who want to be comfortable at a party. -- Vicki from MI


A cute Halloween costume idea we did a few years ago worked perfectly for a family party at our church.  My husband dressed up like a farmer, I was a plant (it was just green sweats and I wrapped fake ivy all around my arms, legs, etc.) and my 2 year old son was a pumpkin.  We'd tell people, "Here's the farmer who planted the plant that sprouted a pumpkin.  It was cute. -- Katrina from AZ


I had a friend once that came as "white trash".  She cut 3 holes out of a white garbage bag for her face and hands.  She painted her face white with costume paint.  She bought a plastic garbage can, cut two holes out for her legs, she held the can up with her hands over the top holding onto the handles.  She attached the garbage can lid to her head by adding straps and attaching under her chin - sort of like a helmet.  She wore white leggings for her legs to be white.  She was short and could sit down inside the garbage can.  It was a wonderful costume and the hit of the party!! - -Tracy from GA


Suggestion for adult Halloween costume.  One year, I took a VERY large orange sweatshirt--like a 3XL or something.  I painted a jack 0'lantern face on the front, put on green leggings and a green ski cap.  Instant pumpkin costume and it didn't take hardly any time!

Another year, I needed a last minute costume for work.  I used a lawn and leaf trash bag.  Cut leg holes in the bottom and arm holes in the sides.  I gathered the opening for the back around my neck.  I filled the loosely with newspaper and stapled silk fall leaves from the craft store to the outside of the bag and made a wreath for my head out of silk leaves also.  Great "bag of leaves" costume! -- Lisa from CO















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