Elf on the Shelf Ideas: Getting into Mischief

elf on the shelf mischiefWhen it comes to the Elf on the Shelf tradition, part of the fun is thinking of ideas for silly elf mischief.   The funnier and the naughtier, the better!   Here are some ideas and photos of elves getting into mischief that our readers have shared with us.  Thanks to them and their elves Benny, Reggie and Regina, Snowflake and Mary.

Be sure to add your own comments, too – and add your photos in our Elf on the Shelf Ideas Gallery.

25 Ideas for Elf on the Shelf Mischief

  1. Toilet papering the Christmas
  2. Rolling down the stairs in a TP roll
  3. Hanging underwear from a clothesline
  4. Playing with Barbie
  5. Turning the milk in the refrigerator green
  6. Turning the ice cubes in the freezer red or green
  7. Turning the toilet water green
  8. Hanging from the Mistletoe
  9. Eating Peanut butter, frosting, nutella, or any other messy food
  10. Playing with Silly String
  11. Using up all the Post-it Notes
  12. Copying himself in your copier/printer
  13. Doodling on cereal boxes, writing on food packaging
  14. Doodling on family photos with a dry-erase marker
  15. Getting stuck outside a window (see the photo below)
  16. Writing on the bathroom mirror with toothpaste
  17. Leaving something behind on the toilet (see the photo below)
  18. Making snow angels in flour spilled on a cutting board
  19. Replacing family photos with pics of himself
  20. Taking toys hostage (write a ransom note to the kids)
  21. Stacking cans of veggies and fruit
  22. Wrapping the toilet with Christmas wrapping paper
  23. Barricading the kids’ bedroom doors with streamers
  24. Buying expensive things online (see photo below)
  25. Building a snowman and keeping it in the freezer

elf on the shelf mischiefElf “Toilet Paper Rolls”

elf on the shelf getting into mischief

Elf Panty Parade

elf on the shelf ideas getting into mischief

Doodling on the Cereal Box

elf on the shelf ideas getting into mischief

Um, Extreme Elf Makeover?


elf on the shelf mischief

Uh oh.  Better open the lid next time!

elf on the shelf ideas getting into mischief

Elves got locked outside!

elf on the shelf ideas getting into mischief

Fun with Post-It Notes

elf mischief

Riding the Mistletoe

elf on the shelf mischief

Glow-in-the-dark Silly Stringelf on the shelf mischief

Barricading kids’ rooms with streamers

elf on the shelf mischief

Elves have expensive taste!

elf on the shelf mischief

Snow angels

elf on the shelf mischief

Elves getting down to business


elf on the shelf mischief

Elves like Nutella, too!

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